11 Principles of Transformation®

Transform your loss
Transform your life

A system that goes beyond grief

The 11 Principles of Transformation® help you move from grief to growth. This self-pace online program includes elements from post-traumatic growth, positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and meaning-making approach.

The 11 Principles of Transformation®

Stop Grieving and
Start Living

Heal Your Broken Heart and Embrace Life Again

The 11 Principles of Transformation® gives you the opportunity to heal one step at a time at your own pace. Because this system embodies a mind-body-spirit approach, the transformation happens in all areas of your life. These principles can be applied to other types of losses, such as the loss of a job, the loss of identity, the loss of your ideal life or even the transition from retirement and aging.

Program Levels

Silver Level (Online Self-paced):

» Principle by principle orientation.

» 12 MP3 Guided Meditations & Affirmations.

» 12 videos (accessible 24/7 on computer, phone or tablet).

» Moments of reflection journaling forms.

» Inspirational daily quotes.

» Transformational pledge.

» BONUS! Book “Transform Your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope” with a personal comment, by Ligia M. Houben. You only pay for S & H.

Price: U$197.00

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Gold Level (Private group coaching):

» All of the Silver Level.

» 12 weekly 1.5hrs group coaching with Ligia.

» Schedule based on your needs.

Price per person: U$597.00 (3 payments of U$200)

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Platinum Level (Includes Individual Coaching):

» All of the Gold Level Plus.

» 4 – 45 min individual Coaching with Ligia (space limited) via Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime.

» Schedule based on your needs.

Price per person: U$1,125.00 (3 payments of U$375)

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Self-help book

FREE with your purchase

This book is included in the online program for FREE if you live in the United States. however, you can also buy the book here.

Program Overview

Moving forward instead of moving on

This self-paced online course is divided into 12 weeks in a particular order to give you a path to follow. Each principle will build on the previous one to help process your grief and embrace life after a loss. It helps you build resilience, empowerment, and confidence in yourself. It teaches you how to rebuild your life. It helps you heal your pain and open your heart to new possibilities. You’ll see changes in all areas of your life: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

What People Say About Ligia

“Being a professional who has specialized in the field of grief and loss since 1979, I am aware of Ligia’s contribution she made to the literature with her book Counseling Hispanics Through Loss, Grief, and Bereavement. Moreover, she created a grief model entitled The 11 Principles of Transformation®, this is a system that helps people transform grief into growth and has been presented nationwide in more than 100 cities.”

Howard R. Winokuer, PhD, FT

“Ligia’s workshop presented a comprehensive view on providing compassionate care for the universal, yet unique, experience of grief and loss. I appreciate her client-centered approach and commitment to meeting people where they’re at.”

End-of-Life Counselor & Advocate, White Bird Clinic

“Ligia’s presentation on grief was more than just a presentation. It was an interactive, experiential conference where we felt first hand how her compassionate strategies for healing grief are implemented and effective, allowing us to immediately begin using these techniques with our own clients.”

Christina Samyan

“Hola Ligia, thank you again for the wonderful seminar, I really enjoyed it. Also wanted to let you know that I am giving a training session tomorrow to local therapists, and I have included your book in my presentation as a great resource.”

Ali Houshmand M.A., LMFT, LPC

“Hello Ligia, I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation I attended yesterday. I found it full of intelligence and heart with loads of thoughts and techniques to bring to my clients. Thank you so much.”

Joanne M. Stevens, LCSW

“Enjoyed my day listening to Ligia speak in Columbus. I specialize in grief work and feel that she gave me many new tools that I didn’t have. She is so passionate about the field and tied with her knowledge, she was extremely enjoyable!”

Stephanie Neer, LPC

Level II

For Coaches & Professionals

11 Principles of Transformation®

Program for Coaches
and Professionals

Become an agent of transformation in the lives of your clients as you learn how to coach them through grief and transformation.

11 Principles of Transformation®

Group Facilitator

You will learn valuable skills to be a unique facilitator and lead your members into process of healing, growth and transformation.

Meet Ligia M. Houben

The creator of The 11 Principles of Transformation®

11 Principles of Transformation®

“Hello, I am Ligia and I welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

If you are like me, your heart has been broken more than once. This may be due to the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a loss of health, or a loss of a pet. I have experienced each one of them and I understand how difficult it is at times to face life with that void in our heart. Still, we have the power to transform this loss and transform our lives. I say this with conviction in my heart because I recently lost my beloved mother, on June 7th, 2020. I am talking to you as a bereaved daughter and I reaffirm the value of applying these principles when facing a painful loss.

I am applying each one of them and giving myself the opportunity to heal and live with hope and love in my heart. We can choose to continue honoring our loved ones instead of continuing suffering.

Because I want to help you move from grief to growth, I created The 11 Principles of Transformation® which includes elements from post-traumatic growth, positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and meaning-making approach. It is a step by step program that helps you embrace life after a loss because it goes beyond grief.”

My Story

“I want to share with you how I transformed my loss and changed my life. Just like you, I have encountered losses in my life, but the most significant happened when I was 12 years old.

I was a very happy child living in Nicaragua, my native country when my life changed in a heartbeat. My father unexpectedly died from an aortic aneurysm and my world turned upside down. My inner world actually stopped. I continued living but with great void in my heart.

For many years, I tried to understand so I could come to terms with his death, but I was stuck in my grief, not even knowing I was grieving. My healing came to be after working on myself and embarking in the field of grief and loss. I started to comprehend the human pain, the different losses we encounter in life, and the effect these can have in our lives. I realized the multiple losses I had experienced in my life and how necessary it was to process each one of them. It was then when I made the decision that changed my life completely. I chose to transform my loss into an opportunity to grow.

Enthused by this transformation, I wrote the book, dedicated to my father’s memory, Transform Your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope. While I was writing the book, and inspiration overtook me. I reflected on the different elements which have been essential in my own process and I created The 11 Principles of Transformation®. I started using the system with clients, in groups, and in live seminars. Because my purpose is to help others transform their loss and change their lives, I offer it now, as an online program.

My mission in life is to empower others as they face painful situations because when we are in the midst of a loss we may feel we cannot continue, but we all have incredible resources within ourselves and the system of The 11 Principles of Transformation® is the catalyst that will help you achieve that transformation.

From my heart to yours…Also inspired by my story of loss, I developed professionally in the area of grief, loss, spirituality and personal growth.What follows is my professional background so you also know about me in that aspect.”