Grieving Employees

“A grieving employee is not a productive employee”

Besides providing services to individuals and families, my mission is to help corporations and organizations achieve maximum success in their understanding of their employees and clients as they face a life transition.

As an adjunct faculty member of several universities and with vast experience in conducting training and seminars in the area of bereavement, grief, and loss at hospitals such as Baptist Health South and Jackson Memorial Hospital, I can help your corporation/organization to achieve great success through an understanding of their employees’ needs.

Help your employee
find meaning in life again

Grief at work may affect three different groups of people and their productivity: the person facing the loss, the manager of the company, and the people working with someone enduring the loss.

What type of organization can benefit from grief coaching?

» Corporations

» Funeral Homes


Non-profit organizations

» Churches

» Adults day care center

Schools and/or universities

Nursing homes

» Is your employee facing a challenge in their life?

» Does she/he feels that she/he has lost connection with who she/he is?

» Do you notice any of your employee like she/he is lost, hopeless, or confused?

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