Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Magnetic jewellery of the highest quality designed by ENERGETIX

The reasons for ENERGETIX’s lasting success are its design, assured quality and valuable materials, including stainless steel, for instance. The jewellery contains high-quality neodymium magnets similar to those also used in so-called static magnetic therapy.

The integrated magnets create a permanent force around each item of jewellery. Sometimes the magnetic force is particularly strong because it’s generated by particularly strong magnets … the heart that bears the name of MagnetHeart, for example.

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The popular MagnetHeart consists of two parts: the extra-strong magnet element that’s worn on the skin and the counterpart with the same design that secures the magnet to your clothing from the outside. The MagnetHeart is available with or without copper side entirely as desired.



Small, strong and powerful: the popular MagnetStrip possesses two strong neodymium magnets and may be fastened to any part of the clothing thanks to the counterpart of the same design. The MagnetStrip is available with or without copper as desired.

Health and Wellness



The tree of life has been taken up as the motif on this polished stainless-steel water stick – a symbolic element that stands for inner strength and balance. Standing as it does for growth and stability, the tree has always been a popular and powerful symbol.

Health and Wellness


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The round MagnetPebble is a popular companion for every day and a soothing palm stone with two stainless-steel (and copper) sides that make it feel pleasant to the touch. It is often used for massages and its rapid warming leaves a soothing feeling on the skin.



Whether you’re travelling or at home – the MagnetRelax relaxation mask provides optimum protection from annoying light. The magnets, the gentle material, the soft nose bridge and the padded Velcro® strap combine to create the added value over standard sleeping masks.



This MagnetClip comes with a thin slightly springy top section that holds the fabric and may be worn from waistbands. The slender design guarantees a particularly pleasant fit. The interplay between the matt finish and polished sides creates a beautiful visual contrast.

Health and Wellness


U$65.00 U$61.00

You’ll be doing yourself and your feet a favor with the pleasant MagnetWalk! leather insoles. The wellness sole with integrated magnets makes walking really comfortable and pleasant. It’s available in different sizes and suitable for all types of feet.



MagnetSlippers – simply slip them on to feel great! Comfort awaits you at home with the MagnetSlippers. The special thing about these comfortable slippers is that they feature six neodymium magnets in each slipper.

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Be it bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings – you’ll find a wide selection of items for men, women, teens and kids. Millions of people all over the world enjoy ENERGETIX.