Adults with Aging Parents

Besides being a gerontologist, I was the caretaker of my beloved centenarian mother

Are you aware of the special needs of older adults? Are you an adult child taking care of your aging parents? Or maybe a caregiver who provides services to the aging population? Whatever your situation is I can help you understand the needs of this population and guide you through this transition.

Taking care of our aging parents is a unique transition and we want to be prepared to provide the best of care at all levels. Besides being a gerontologist and having worked extensively with older adults – I facilitated groups in the Miami Beach Senior Center, JCS, for 9 years – I say this with all my love as I was the caregiver of my centenarian mother.

In case you ask yourself:

  • How can I handle this transition?
  • Why can’t I communicate with my mother?
  • What papers should I have ready?
  • How to deal with my own aging process?

There are many changes involved in this transition, and I can guide you through each one of them so you can be happy again.

Adults with Aging Parents

To take care of our aging parents you enter a new stage in your life. You do not become their parents…you become their caregivers. You want to make sure you are providing them with the best care at all levels: physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. It has to do with planning and facing the reality.

If you feel overwhelmed, we can have a conversation and find solutions. My heart is in helping older adults and their adult children live this transition with love, joy, compassion, and understanding.

We don’t stop playing because we are getting old, we get old because we stop playing.

Benjamin Franklin

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