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Ligia M. Houben

Ligia, you are part of my story, and your unconditional love is the best thing about this story. I thank you for that very important work that you develop in this humanity, you are the Spiritual Mother who listens to us and gives us your unconditional love in times of pain and suffering.

You are more important than you think. You teach us to live with a new, deep and loving feeling. You help us every day to rise up for a small hope of living differently, with our loved ones who have left for a new world, and at the same time, this painful, but real situation, forces us to a similar way of life in their physical absence.

Thanks to the great impact that this has on us, we achieve with your help, a transformation of our Self, authentic and genuine. Ligia for your dedication and perseverance, on behalf of all people I thank you, take care of yourself to be able to always have you with us.

Esther Padrón

My son was killed by a classmate at a school in Miami 16 years ago when he was 14 years old. It was a very difficult moment where I was angry and without the desire to live, but God has been good and he sent me people to guide me and teach me to walk again step by step. 15 years ago I met Ligia Houben at a loss workshop to learn how to cope with grief and it was a blessing to have participated in her class. There, I also discovered and discovered what my purpose was and that I could use my grief to help others and thus not waste my pain. Well, God has healed my pain and today I dedicate myself to helping other people who have gone through the same thing as me and I feel very blessed. Dr. Ligia thank you for all her teachings and for teaching me with love and patience.

Maria Gough


“Ligia, thank you for a wonderful seminar on the Transformation of Grief. This topic drew me in because most of my clients are looking for techniques in which to transform their grief to something more palatable.

This seminar provides the tools to help guide clients on this journey. You took the time to allow the class to name the various types of grief at different seasons of life which was extremely helpful as it gave recognition to grief that is often overlooked. This also allowed this group of professionals time to share their experiences and expertise.

You shared your many years of experience, your heart and your love for this topic in a way that connected with each one of us. When we gathered on the break, we all said to each other that we never thought we would have gotten as much as we did from this seminar. Your handout was extremely helpful and you also provided the names of additional resources that may be beneficial for our practice.

Thank you again for this awesome seminar. I only wish I had more time to ask more questions and glean more information.

Teressa “TV” Vaughn
Chaplain and Advance Care Planning Consultant Sharp Healthcare


“Good afternoon Ligia, I attended your training yesterday and wanted to let you know how insightful it was for me. Thank you for presenting and sharing with us your experiences!”

Amanda Nguyen, MSW, LSWAIC


“Ligia’s workshop presented a comprehensive view on providing compassionate care for the universal, yet unique, experience of grief and loss. I appreciate her client-centered approach and commitment to meeting people where they’re at. Her knowledge and skill in the field are apparent and her work is invaluable to me as an individual and professional.”

End-of-Life Counselor & Advocate, White Bird Clinic


“Hello Señora Houben, It was a pleasure to attend your program last Friday. This writer found the information you shared very informative and useful. It was positive which is very much needed and beneficial for the population I work with. As I processed the meeting, I would be remiss if I did not share this thought with you. You dear Lady have been Blessed.! What a wonderful talent our Lord has given you. You are a perfect fit for the subject you teach.”

Jerry Linch, MA, LPCC
Be Safe


“On behalf of the Foster Grandparent Program staff, we thank you so very much for coming today and present. The volunteers enjoyed your presentation, Happiness is a Choice. You engaged them and the presentation was interactive. Another great way to start the year!!! Once again, thank you so much. We hope to have you back soon to present Grief and Loss.”

Julieta Pérez
Foster Grandparent Field Supervisor
Miami Dade Community Action & Human Services Department (CAHSD)


“Enjoyed my day listening to Ligia speak in Columbus. I specialize in grief work and feel that she gave me many new tools that I didn’t have. She is so passionate about the field and tied with her knowledge, she was extremely enjoyable!”

Stephanie Neer, LPC


“Good Afternoon Ligia, I attended your training this past Friday. I didn’t have a chance to come up to you to speak to you in person since someone was always talking to you. I just wanted to say that I found your training to be extremely helpful and resourceful. I have a growing interest in learning more about grief & trauma. In addition, you spoke so lovely and passionately. I really enjoyed the training.”

Marie E. Acosta-Alvarez, LMHC


“It was a great seminar! You are a great speaker!”

Maria Psanis


“Hi Ligia, what a great class in Cincinnati today! You did such a great presentation. Thanks so much!”

Jayne R.


“Dear Ligia, It was a great joy to get to meet you and also learn so much from you. Thank you very much! You have given me much to think about and also to read. Our children and grandchildren will all grow from what you are teaching so many. Thank you! Peace and good wishes.”

Mary Hart


“Dear Ligia, I was in your workshop this Tuesday in Trumbull, Connecticut. Thank you for the informative workshop on loss and grief. It was amazing to discuss many types of losses and that expands my understanding of this topic.”

Ching-Ching Ruan, CCR, LMFT, PhD


“Loved your Seminar in Boston last Thursday. Bought your book. You are awesome and inspiring. When I heard you speak I could hear healing in your voice. Thank-You for being who you are and giving what you have to others. May you continue to be an instrument of healing to all those you encounter. Peace”

Douglas Tubach


”I loved the seminar and felt inspired to assist my clients in their grief and or loss. Also I was pleased to learn a lot of different strategies to help them and myself with the grief and or loss process. One way I can tell if I enjoyed a particular training was to observe if it dragged along or flew by and yours went by so fast! I could of stayed another 2 hours at your seminar….. I loved it!”

Dan Tura


“Ligia Houben is truly one of the finest practitioners in her field. If you have the opportunity to experience her skills for your personal development and healing, I strongly recommend you take it”

Janis Ericson, Director of Lightwork Seminars, Intl


“Ms. Houben has led several courses in this field at our facilities and we have been very pleased with her expertise and also with her winsome demeanor. She is engaging, informed and sensitive to the needs of her audience.”

Rev Guillermo Escalona, M.
Div, Director,Pastoral Education Baptist Health South Florida


“I have attended many seminars and Ligia is an excellent speaker, presenter, author and educator. She has a beautiful presence; her books are amazing and I’m looking forward to ordering more! I would highly recommend her!”

Jennifer O’brien


“I can not say enough wonderful things about working with Ligia Houben! She has helped me through the most difficult transitions of my life. And what is most amazing is how she continues to be my guide, even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other because I had to move to another state. Ligia is always here for me; her sweet voice and great wisdom continue to inspire and guide me, and she is never farther away than a phone call! She is truly a glowing light in my life. Wherever I am I know I can find her. Through her coaching I have the confidence to move forward in my life and I can’t believe how far I have come! Thank you Ligia!”

Nancy Watson


“Greetings Ligia, I have already had the pleasure of reading your book and have applied many of your principles in my work as a Hospice Bereavement Coordinator! I am currently reading it for the second time hoping to capture more of your insights and for those who shared their inspirational stories of courage, hope and personal growth after significant losses in their lives.”

Andree Jeannotte


“To find oneself is essential and precious. Ligia Houben helps one unlock the door to the hidden mysteries that we all sometimes block or ignore. Her loving guidance and assistance in this process is profound and dedicated. I encourage everyone to enlist her services for their higher good.”

Karin S. Gerardin, Esq.


“It has been only a couple of visits and Ligia Houben’s techniques are already ‘kicking in.’ I remember I went on my first visit feeling worthless and less than a piece of trash. Well, that same visit I got out of there with hope and feeling that there was something more inside me that I still needed to discover. Every single visit after that has been powerful. It has been like if she opens up her knowledge container and let you swim in it until you have all the tools and techniques you need to get out of there with the strength needed to face life. I had been ‘counseling-hopping’ for more than 20 years with no good outcomes at all. Nothing and no-one was able to make any effect in me, in my psych and system. I was fed up with dead-end counseling, empty words and no-one telling me exactly how to get out of that dirt or swamp I was in. I saw the bright light at the end of the tunnel with Ligia. Just by the way she talks and explains things, already brings peace to your soul. Like if she is the channel between spiritual life and you. That’s exactly what you perceive from her, she transmits hope, positivism and USEFUL techniques. One-by-one to pull you out of that hole. Now, let’s be clear; we are a work in progress. Your life won’t be solved like a puzzle with few sessions. Ligia just hands out her knowledge, experiences and practical methods but it’s entirely up-to-you when you decide to make use of them. That’s the hard part, but once you start practicing it and believing in them, things get much easier. Ligia is always there, a txt/call/email away when you are in doubt. She is like a walker aid you need when you are in pain to walk on your own but little by little you get the strength she inspires and start making it your own. Soon, you will be running at a marathon.”

Amalia Arias


“Ligia is a true professional in her field and also has the human element which is so important and lacking in these times. She helped me tremendously with her coaching sessions to a point that my life is now richer thanks to her help. She’s an expert in her field and a very special human being!”

Marielena Martínez


“No matter how busy Ligia is, she will always take care of you, whether you are her client, her friend or a complete stranger who is calling her for the first time. Her work ethic is incredibly disciplined and she will follow through on a project no matter how she has to rearrange her time. She is kind, patient and a wonderful woman all around.”

Lucero McGlinchy


“Ligia doesn’t lose sight of her objective and is very active on the subject never losing her sensitivity as she works. She’s one of those people that while marketing can still put that human touch on the matter.”

Marily A. Reyes (MAR) (Litt. Dr.)


“Over the past few years I have had an opportunity to refer clients and work with her directly. She is an expert in the field of grief counseling and coaching. Her book “Transform Your Loss” is one of strength and hope and I highly recommend it to all of my clients.”

Nataly Rubinstein


“Ligia Houben is a bright, positive person who has pursued specialized training and has great experience in working with people at times of transition in their lives. She has sound values and deep compassion to go with her knowledge and experience, and I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in important areas of life.”

Stephen Sapp


“Ligia Houben has gone through tough times and precisely because of her ability to handle all that life has thrown as her, she is a magnificent consultant and coach. She is sensitive, empathetic and she is willing to work with someone until problems have been identified and solutions have been implemented.”

Joachim DePosada Global CSP


“Excellent professional , Kind, specially trustable and a Great Listener.”

Maria A Maceiras


“Ligia is a brilliant person whose warmth and kindness are displayed from the time you meet her. She is also a person of great moral leadership, enabling her to guide individuals through very difficult moments of their lives into more healthy stages. Highly recommend her!”

Hector Martinez


“Ligia has been a mentor to me. She an example of coherence, between what she does and the lives she lives. Great coach and superb achiever. You will find positive thinking and courage when working with her.”

Ximena Barreto (RIP)


“Ligia was hired to author a continuing education module for my company, CEU4U.COM. She proved to be a creative, dynamic force in her work with us and her module is well liked by our users. I highly recommend Ligia for future work in her area of expertise.”

Kathryn Shattler,MS,RDN


“Ligia has a passion for her work. She is a dedicated, detail-oriented and competent professional. She cares for every and each person who attends her workshops and everybody means to her. Without any doubt, I really recommend Ligia to lead a workshop.”

Lucy Eylerts


“Each month I sit in on the grief call with Ligia Houben. Ms. Houben is a former ICA graduate and she has a list of credentials as long as your arm, not the least of which is a graduate certificate in loss and healing as well as being a Fellow of the American Academy of Grief Counseling. Each call is unique and I have learned much from Ms. Houben and from the other participants on the call.Ms. Houben has written a book entitled Transform Your Loss. I purchased her book as part of my quest for some basic information about grief. This book was not written as a how to book on grief coaching, but it begins with a great grounding on what grief is, types of grief and information how grief could be manifested. It also discusses transformation and spirituality. To me this book was written as a self-help book for those going through grief or loss.

The book also contains a collection of testimonies on the human experience of people who have gone through the tunnel of grief and emerged on the other side. Some of the testimonials are not easy reading but collectively they conveyed the message that grief is a part of life. Along with this message is a subliminal message. We must not live in the present, not reliving and remembering yesterday nor can we burry ourselves in worry about tomorrow. Life is for living.

As part of her work, Ms. Houben has created “The eleven Principles of Transformation”. A large part of this book describes these steps in great detail. The eleven principles are offered as tools to enable a person to transform their grief to acceptance and happiness. The eleven principles provide a positive approach and a path that they can take at their own pace. This path is always moving them forward. Although this book was not written as a book on how to be a grief coach, it is definitely a book on grief coaching. The thorough grounding on what grief is and the types of grief coupled with the eleven principles of transformation is grief coaching 101. There are interactive exercises, true stories filled with hope and positivity, and many resources for coping with loss. I found this book remarkable. It is spiritual and uplifting and filled with information for anyone faced with grief and loss or for anyone who is walking the path with someone who is.”

Shelley Davis


“Let go, and let Ligia! Her loving and kind approach has helped me get through some of my most difficult times. This was my first experience with a therapist and from the very first appointment I felt completely comfortable with Ligia. Some days I would go in feeling absolutely hopeless and sure enough by the end of the session my mindset shifted to a more positive outlook. I am eternally thankful to Ligia for all she has done for me and I absolutely recommend her to anybody thinking of trying her!!”

Patricia Monterrey


“Ligia is an amazing life coach. She gently and skillfully guided me to places within me that I never thought I could reach. The changes and shifts in my life as a result of Ligia’s coaching have been profound and I am forever grateful to her.”

Bobbie B. Wisconsin


“Ligia embodies a holistic, whole-hearted approach to caring guidance and coaching…ultimately helping you to overcome and transform into your authentic and natural self. She allows the transitions of life to flow beautifully into a place of empowerment and understanding.”

Nick Bosk, Stress & Anxiety Mentor Coach & Trainern


“Thanks for everything!! You are a wonderful coach. I feel very blessed that you picked me to coach. You have brought new perspectives to some difficult areas in my life. I look forward to using some of my newly discovered insights to have a richer more meaningful life.”

Vickie G.


“Ligia Houben is truly one of the finest practitioners in her field. If you have the opportunity to experience her skills for your personal development and healing, I strongly recommend you take it.”

Janis Ericson, Director of Lightwork Seminars, Intl


“I just want to thank you for everything you have done for us. You really inspired a lot of us. I know that as for me, I fell better and much more aware about life and death….I feel better that I took this class….You have no idea how much I appreciate you.”

Nicole A.
Former Student of a class on Death and Dying


“Prof. Houben offers a clear, concise and straight forward approach to religion. That clear and concise delivery of text, lessons and lectures is free from bias and very complimentary to what is being taught. It has been a pleasure knowing Prof. Houben.”

Joseph Gebara
Former student of a class on World Religion


“Your class was a very life changing event for me; it helped me in many ways and I am forever grateful to you, and your spirit. You are doing great work for humanity in your teachings, and since leaving your class I have felt a strong drive to follow in your path… helping others through transitions, transforming and redirecting energies, enriching ourselves and others.”

Carol M.
Former student of a class on Death and Dying

Ligia M. Houben

Ligia MA, FT, FAAGC, CPC, CHT, is the founder of My Meaningful Life, LLC and The Center for Transforming Lives in Miami, Fl where she consults with individuals and families; by offering coaching/support, groups and workshops. Ligia is the author of three books on grief: The self-help book Transform Your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope, Counseling Hispanics Through Loss, Grief, and Bereavement. A Guide for Mental Health Professionals, and Transforming Grief and Loss. Workbook (for coaches and mental health professionals).

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