Divorce or break-up

When the relationship dies, one often feels lost or without direction.

When we go through a divorce or break-up, we separate from the loved one with whom we had hoped to share the rest of our life. The world we knew changed and now instead of being two, we are one. Instead of being a couple we stand by ourselves. You may see a new path in front of you not knowing how to take the first step without stumbling. Facing a divorce is a life changing event that can shake our basis and make us wonder who we are.

I understand.

The death of a marriage may be a source of grief, disappointment, or confusion.

Many people feel lost as their identity may have changed; they feel scared as they don’t know how to continue by themselves; or many people may feel relieved and hoping to start fresh their new stage in life.

Therefore, in many cases it is not a devastating loss, but in most cases, suddenly finding oneself not being part of a couple hits us hard and sometimes we ask:

How was I wrong?

What mistake did I make?

Could I have done something different?

How did I not realize what was happening before?

Divorce or break-up

I can help you improve your situation

To go through a divorce, you close a chapter in your life, but it does not end your life. In front of you is a path that you can walk down with strength and hope. Therefore, even if you feel broken inside, you can pick up the pieces and continue living with meaning, empowerment, and hope.

If you are grieving because you’re going through divorce or break-up, I can help you process that grief and connect with your empowered self.

If you are ready for this change, we can visit each area of your life and help you plan your future in a way that you feel your life has purpose and meaning.

Some of this writing was taken from my book Transform Your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope. This book is also available as e-book.

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