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Leadership with Humanity: How to Create a Compassionate and Productive Workplace

This message is for you the CEO, the manager, who wants to make a difference in their place of work and create an environment where people feel that you care. Be a leader with humanity? Besides showing you care, you are also helping your own company as people will be more productive. Open your Heart. Lead with Humanity. Change the Culture of your Company.

Ligia M. Houben

Leadership in Grief and Loss Transformation

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Life Coaching Miami

One of the most valuable aspects of coaching is connecting with the other person. The moment we connect with another person we can be ourselves and open our hearts and minds to new possibilities. I would love to work with you without the constraints of space or distance.

The Center For Transforming Lives

The Center For Transforming Lives is located in South Miami, Florida.  As a professional certified coach and certified grief counselor, Ligia offers one on one sessions to individuals and couples. She also offers private guided meditation and mindfulness classes.

Transform your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope is a self-help book inspired by the great loss of her father when Ligia was 12 years old and led her to create The 11 Principles of Transformation®, were introduced in this book. It is also available in Spanish.

Ligia's Blog

  • Caregiving can be a Transformative Experience

    I like to explore the issue of Taking Care of Yourself.  In this post I want to elaborate on the issue of caregiving.  Some time ago, I was recently interviewed for a TV documentary on caregivers. In that particular case, the program was on Caregiving at the End of Life, but the principles can be

    May 15, 2019
  • Your Attitude Determines The Quality Of Your Life

    Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives by Altering Their Attitude                                                  -William James Our attitude is the disposition we have regarding a situation, a person, or life in general. We can have

    April 30, 2019
  • Are You a Writer?

    If you responded, you are not, let me tell you that…we are all writers.   Every single day we write a page in the book of our lives.  In this article, I want to bring to your awareness how important it is to pay attention to the actions we take, and we do not take.  As

    April 23, 2019
Find Happiness Within Your Self

Join Carlo Monsanto Chunderbalsingh, PhD Hon.C. at The Center for Transforming Lives for a special 1-day seminar. When: Saturday, April 20th 10am-5pm. 1-hour lunch on your own.  Ancient and recent discoveries empower Access your ability to internally resolve discomforts Develop EI through the Language of Emotions Expand your social intelligence and social skills Enhance your emotional

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11 Principles to Transform Grief and Loss

ONLINE PROGRAM Strategies to Heal the Past, Change the Present and Transform the Future. If you are experiencing a loss in your life, you may feel alone. You may find yourself on a rollercoaster of emotions, experiencing pain, anger, fear, anxiety or hopelessness. You are grieving… Your life has changed because when there is a

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Transforming Grief and Loss Seminar

SPONSORED BY ALLIANCE FOR AGING. FREE EVENT. REGISTRATION IS NEEDED. This weekly seminar is for adults who are experiencing a loss in their life. Based on The 11 Principles of Transformation, our grief expert will help you change your suffering into honoring, your pain into empowerment, your frustration into success. This powerful seminar has helped

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“I can not say enough wonderful things about working with Ligia Houben! She has helped me through the most difficult transitions of my life. And what is most amazing is how she continues to be my guide, even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other because I had to move to another state. Ligia is always here for me; her sweet voice and great wisdom continue to inspire and guide me, and she is never farther away than a phone call! She is truly a glowing light in my life. Wherever I am I know I can find her. Through her coaching I have the confidence to move forward in my life and I can’t believe how far I have come! Thank you Ligia!”

-Nancy Watson

Life Coach

Interviews & Appearances

A Guide for Mental Health Professionals “Counseling Hispanics through Loss, Grief, and Bereavement is an extremely timely and welcome addition to the literature in thanatology.” – Kenneth J. Doka, PhD

Transform your Loss

This self-help book is your guide in times of loss and grief.  It helps you heal from the inside out if you are experiencing the death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job, or any challenging life transition.

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