Guiding You Through Major Life Transitions.

Ligia M. Houben is one of the leading speakers on grief and loss transformation and personal growth.  She has delivered her message to thousands of people, helping them transform their lives and the lives of their clients.  She loves to connect with her audience.

The Center For Transforming Lives

The Center For Transforming Lives is located in South Miami, Florida.  As a professional certified coach and certified grief counselor, Ligia offers one on one sessions to individuals and couples. She also offers guided meditation and mindfulness classes;  yoga and workshops.

Inspirational Speaker

Ligia lost her father when she was 12 years old and that great loss inspired her to write the self-help bookTransform your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hopeand to create “The 11 Principles of Transformation®” which were introduced in this book.

12 Week Online Program

Upcoming Events

Understand How Children Grieve Seminar

  Are you a parent or teacher?  As a thanatologist and having lost my father when I was 12-years-old, I know the importance of understanding how children experience grief.  Children are not “small” adults…therefore the way they experience and express grief is different. As you know we all experience grief, however, it is a topic we

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Transforming Grief and Loss for Professionals

The Seminar “Transforming Grief and Loss. Strategies to Help Your Clients through Major Life Transitions”  with PESI, has been presented in more than 80 cities in The United States. If you are interested Ligia presents this seminar to your organization, just send her an email: Seminar Times: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Tuesday 04/11/2018

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“I can not say enough wonderful things about working with Ligia Houben! She has helped me through the most difficult transitions of my life. And what is most amazing is how she continues to be my guide, even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other because I had to move to another state. Ligia is always here for me; her sweet voice and great wisdom continue to inspire and guide me, and she is never farther away than a phone call! She is truly a glowing light in my life. Wherever I am I know I can find her. Through her coaching I have the confidence to move forward in my life and I can’t believe how far I have come! Thank you Ligia!”

-Nancy Watson

Life Coach

New Book

Grief and Loss

Activities, Exercises & Skills to Coach Your Client Through Life Transitions.

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