11 Principles of Transformation®

The 11 Principles of Transformation®

Transforming Grief into Growth in the Workplace

Seminar for Groups/Organizations

The 11 Principles of Transformation® seminar is specifically designed to help organizations support their employees in navigating grief and loss. Grief at work may affect three different groups of people and their productivity: the person facing the loss, the manager of the company, and the people working with someone enduring the loss.

Understanding that each organization has unique needs, we offer flexible formats:

Half-Day Seminar

Approximately 4 hours
(including breaks).

Introduction to key concepts of the 11 Principles of Transformation, with an emphasis on understanding grief and beginning the journey of transformation.


» Opening session to introduce the principles and their relevance in the workplace.

» Interactive workshops focusing on specific principles that are most relevant to the group.

» Group activities and discussions to facilitate understanding and sharing.

» Strategies for applying these principles in daily work life.

One-Day Seminar

Approximately 8 hours
(including breaks).

A comprehensive exploration of the 11 Principles, with interactive sessions for deeper understanding and personal reflection.


» Morning sessions include detailed walkthroughs of the principles with real-life examples and interactive activities.

» Afternoon sessions focus on personal application, with breakout groups and guided reflections.

» Group exercises to foster a supportive community within the workplace.

» Action planning session to help participants integrate these principles into their work and personal lives.

Two-Day Seminar

Two 8-hour day.

An in-depth exploration of each principle, with ample time for personal application, group activities, and strategy development for ongoing support in the workplace.


» Day 1 focuses on understanding grief and introducing the principles. Includes interactive workshops and personal reflection time.

» Day 2 dives deeper into applying these principles, with group exercises, role-plays, and action planning.

» Typically, these are one-hour sessions scheduled for weeks or months, tailored to individual or small-group needs.

Help your employee find meaning in life again

Key Components of the Seminar

Comprehensive support to employees dealing with grief

Expert Facilitation

Led by experienced professionals in grief counseling and corporate training.

Customizable Content

Tailored to address the specific challenges and dynamics of your organization.

Interactive and Engaging

Use of real-life scenarios, group discussions, and interactive exercises to ensure an engaging learning experience.

Tools and Strategies

Participants leave with actionable strategies to manage grief and foster resilience.

Resource Materials

Provision of comprehensive materials for ongoing reference and support.

Ideal for organizations looking to:

  • Provide comprehensive support to employees dealing with grief.
  • Foster a compassionate and understanding workplace culture.
  • Equip their team with tools to manage personal challenges and maintain productivity.
  • Promote mental and emotional well-being in the workplace.

Course Overview:

  • Duration: 12-week course.
  • Start and end dates: Clearly defined start and end dates, providing a structured learning timeline.
  • Weekly modules: Each week focuses on one of the 11 Principles, with the final week(s) dedicated to integration and application.

Course Format:

  • Continuous enrollment: New participants can join at any time, making the course continually accessible.
  • Ideal for: Learners with unpredictable or busy schedules who require flexibility.
    Those who prefer to learn at their own pace and on their own terms.
    Individuals who may not seek active participation in group discussions but still want access to the full content.
  • Course preview: A free introductory webinar or sample module for those interested in learning more before committing.

To learn more about how this seminar can benefit your organization, or to schedule a session, please contact Ligia M. Houben. We are committed to tailoring our program to meet your organization’s unique needs and providing ongoing support through our follow-up coaching options.

This format provides a clear, structured, and engaging approach for organizations looking to support their employees in processing grief and transforming it into growth, with an emphasis on practical application and ongoing support.

What People Say
About the Program

Meet Ligia M. Houben

The creator of The 11 Principles of Transformation®

11 Principles of Transformation®

“Hello, I am Ligia and I welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

If you are like me, your heart has been broken more than once. This may be due to the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a loss of health, or a loss of a pet. I have experienced each one of them and I understand how difficult it is at times to face life with that void in our heart. Still, we have the power to transform this loss and transform our lives. I say this with conviction in my heart because I recently lost my beloved mother, on June 7th, 2020. I am talking to you as a bereaved daughter and I reaffirm the value of applying these principles when facing a painful loss.

I am applying each one of them and giving myself the opportunity to heal and live with hope and love in my heart. We can choose to continue honoring our loved ones instead of continuing suffering.

Because I want to help you move from grief to growth, I created The 11 Principles of Transformation® which includes elements from post-traumatic growth, positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and meaning-making approach. It is a step by step program that helps you embrace life after a loss because it goes beyond grief.”