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Ligia M. Houben is an inspirational speaker, who has touched the heart of many with her message of personal growth and transformation. Fluent in English and Spanish, she provides her audience with a meaningful experience, as Jennifer O’Brien describes: “I have attended many seminars and Ligia is an excellent speaker, presenter, author, and educator. She has a beautiful presence; her books are amazing and I’m looking forward to ordering more! I would highly recommend her!”

Almost five years ago, she joined the PESI family, bringing her signature seminar, “Transforming Grief and Loss. Helping Your Clients Through Major Life Transitions,” in more than 100 cities throughout the United States. Ligia has delivered her message to corporations and organizations such as Exxon Mobile, Baptist Health System, University of Miami Hospital, Vitas Hospice, Alliance for Aging, Embassy of Sweden in Nicaragua, Latin America Association of Palliative Care, American Society of Aging, and Association for Death, Education and Counseling, just to name a few.

Being the author of the book Counseling Hispanics Through Loss, Grief, and Bereavement.  A Guide for Mental Health Professionals,  and being more than 50 millions of Hispanics living in the USA, she offers a valuable seminar in English and Spanish.

Ligia's workshop on transforming grief was exquisite. I learned an enormous amount that will help me professionally and personally. And, I enjoyed the warmth and connection that Ligia created amongst all of us. Ligia is truly a fantastic person and presenter. It was a great privilege to attend her workshop.

 – Douglas Tubach, Psychotherapist

Speaker Miami
Speaker Miami
The Center For Transforming Lives

Speaking Engagements

Transforming Grief and Loss. Strategies to Help your Clients Through Major Life Transitions. In more than 80 cities in the USA. 

Confronting Alzheimer’s: A Journey for All Generations.
Caregivers Conference Alzheimer’s Association, Miramar, Florida

Alliance of Aging
Presentation: Dealing with life transitions, Miami, Florida
Presentation: Your attitude reflects your aptitude, Miami, Florida

Baptist Health South Florida
Training: Bereavement Facilitator Support Groups in Spanish, Miami, Florida

Cancer Community Center
Facilitator: Cancer support groups, Miami, Florida
Keynote speaker: Transforming your life, Miami, Florida

Miami Dade College
Presentation: Finding meaning in retirement, Miami, Florida 

My Meaningful Life – 2010
Southeastern Pastoral Institute Unity on the Bay Church
Seminar/workshop/webinar: Transform your loss – Miami, Florida

University of Texas
Webinar: Learning how to handle stress and anxiety, Texas

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Seminar: How to cope with grief during the holidays, Miami, Florida 

Miami-Dade Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
Presentation: The domestic violence victim, a holistic approach, Miami, Florida
Presentation: Overcoming anxiety and depression with a cognitive and spiritual approach, Miami, Florida
Seminar: Alzheimer’s and spirituality, Miami, Florida
Workshop: Military support

Mount Sinai, The Wein Center
Seminar: Alzheimer’s disease and spirituality, Miami Beach, Florida 

Personas Unidas en el Dolor y la Esperanza (PUDE)
Training: Bereavement Facilitator Support Groups, Managua, Nicaragua
Mentor and consultant. 

Seminar: Live a life with meaning and purpose and realize your goals, Managua, Nicaragua

Casa Cana
Presentation: Taking care of our aging parents and valuing their wisdom, Miami, Florida
Seminar: Loss and transformation, Miami, Florida

Exxon Mobile
Presentation: Live a life with meaning and purpose and realize your goals, Managua, Nicaragua

Kaplan University
Teleconference: Understanding grief and loss, Miami, Florida

Latin American Conference on Palliative Care
Presentation: Understanding Latinos and grief, Lima, Peru –
Presentation: The value of meaning at the end-of-life, Margarita, Venezuela –

Rotarian Club
Presentation: Attitude and life transitions, Miami, Florida 

University of Miami Hospital
Presentation: The four principles to live a life with purpose, Miami, Florida

University of Texas, Health Science Center
Teleconference: The meaning of memories at the end of life – Texas, Teleconference: Understanding grief and loss – Texas,
Teleconference: Spirituality and elder: understanding the fourth dimension – Texas

American Society on Aging/National Coalition of Aging Annual Conference
Speaker: Promoting meaning when doing life review with older Hispanic adults, Chicago, Illinois – Speaker: The meaning of memories at the end-of-life, Chicago, Illinois –

Association for Death, Education and Counseling Annual Conference
Speaker: Understanding how Latinos express grief and loss, Miami, Florida –

Barry University
Presentation: Spirituality and elders: the fourth dimension, Miami, Florida

Co-Dependent Anonymous (CODA)
Seminar: Self-esteem and goals, Managua, Nicaragua –

Coral Gables Parks and Recreation, The Senior Division
Keynote speaker: Senior housing: new alternatives, personal choices, Coral Gables, Florida – 2007
Presentation: Summary of seminars of life review and meaningful aging, Coral Gables, Florida – 2006

Embassy of Sweden
Seminar: Loss of a job, Managua, Nicaragua –

Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center
Presentation: Finding meaning project: understanding the needs of the nursing home resident, Miami, Florida

Memorial Plan Funeral Home
Facilitated memorial holiday, Coral Gables, Florida –
Established and facilitated After Care program, Coral Gables, Florida

Mercy Hospital, III Annual Miami Cancer Center Oncology Symposium Speaker: Understanding the need of the terminally ill patient, Coral Gables, Florida

Miami Center for Spiritual Living
Presentation: Loss is change and is not forever, Miami, Florida

Spiritual Organization for Unconditional Love (S.O.U.L.)
Multiple meditation venues, Miami, Florida

John Knox Village, Senior Fest
Workshop: Life review, Pompano Beach, Florida

Within Wellness Center
Presentation: Understanding Alzheimer’s disease, Miami, Florida
Presentation: Embracing our spirituality, Miami, Florida
Presentation: Reflections at midlife, Miami, Florida

Aventura Hospital
Lecture: Religion and Health, aging with style, Aventura, Florida

Barry University’s Older Adults Opportunity Center
Keynote speaker: Life review, Miami, Florida

Key Biscayne Senior Community Center
Presentation: Faith and Health, Key Biscayne, Florida

Latin American Palliative Care Congress
Presentation: The meaning of memories at the end-of-life, Isla Margarita, Venezuela

Soka Gakkai International
Seminar: Buddhism and aging: living longer in joy, Miami, Florida

VITAS Hospice
Presentation: Bereavement Training Facilitator, Miami, Florida