11 Principles of Transformation®

The 11 Principles of Transformation®

Transform Your Grief into Growth with Personalized Guidance

One on One Program

Are you feeling stuck in the grips of grief?

Do you yearn to find meaning and purpose in the wake of loss? With my one-on-one program: The 11 Principles of Transformation®, I offer a personalized, in-depth journey to help you navigate these challenging times.

If you are ready to move beyond the weight of grief, this program is for you

Program Overview

What to Expect

Weekly One-on-One Sessions: We delve into each principle in a meaningful way, personalized to your grieving process, allowing you to move forward with hope in your heart.

Customized Activities and Exercises: Receive tailored exercises, reflective journaling prompts, and practical tools to help you process your grief and start seeing life through a new lens.

Why Choose This Program

Moving forward instead of moving on

    Tailored Just for You

    Each session is custom-designed to meet your unique needs and circumstances, ensuring a deeply personal and relevant experience.

    Connect at a Deep Level

    Paying attention to your needs with dedicated attention and guidance throughout your transformative journey.

    Flexible Delivery

    Whether you prefer the intimacy of live, in-person sessions or the convenience of Zoom meetings, this program adapts to fit into your life

    Comprehensive 12-Week Journey

    Over three months, we will explore each of the 11 Principles in depth, giving you the time and space to internalize and apply these transformative concepts truly.

    Ideal for:

    • Individuals suffering from a loss of a loved one (regardless of how long they’ve been hurting inside).
    • Individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace, without set timelines.

    Course Overview:

    • Access Upon Enrollment: Immediate access to all the program’s materials upon enrollment.
    • Flexible Duration: Participants can complete the course at their own pace.

    Course Format:

    • Pre-recorded Lectures: Comprehensive video lectures covering each of the 11 Principles.
    • Interactive Exercises: Online exercises and activities that participants can complete in their own time.
    • Downloadable Resources: Worksheets, journal prompts, and additional materials for self-study.
    • Optional Community Engagement: Access to an online community for discussion and support, participation is at the learner’s discretion.

    * Disclaimer: The material presented in this program is based on the personal and professional experience of Ligia M. Houben. This program aims to provide helpful and inspiring resources to help the griever process their grief and transform their loss into personal growth. This program is not therapy or counseling.

    Self-help book

    FREE with your purchase!

    This book is included in the program for FREE if you live in the United States.
    You can also buy the book separately here.

    What People Say
    About the Program

    Meet Ligia M. Houben

    The creator of The 11 Principles of Transformation®

    11 Principles of Transformation®

    “Hello, I am Ligia and I welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

    If you are like me, your heart has been broken more than once. This may be due to the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a loss of health, or a loss of a pet. I have experienced each one of them and I understand how difficult it is at times to face life with that void in our heart. Still, we have the power to transform this loss and transform our lives. I say this with conviction in my heart because I recently lost my beloved mother, on June 7th, 2020. I am talking to you as a bereaved daughter and I reaffirm the value of applying these principles when facing a painful loss.

    I am applying each one of them and giving myself the opportunity to heal and live with hope and love in my heart. We can choose to continue honoring our loved ones instead of continuing suffering.

    Because I want to help you move from grief to growth, I created The 11 Principles of Transformation® which includes elements from post-traumatic growth, positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and meaning-making approach. It is a step by step program that helps you embrace life after a loss because it goes beyond grief.”