Facing situations when we feel insecure or restless can give us a sense of uncertainty. As human beings, one thing we need to feel is security; it’s having a sense of control and knowledge about what’s happening to us, and the future we have in front of us.

What happens when we are lacking this security and feel lost, without a direction?

This situation can give us a sense of anxiety, restlessness, frustration, fear, and helplessness. Instead of helping us, these emotions make us feel worse in the face of uncertainty, as we doubt can set in and we can make the wrong decisions.

There are different situations in which we may experience uncertainty.  Among them we find the reality of Covid-19, and how this has touched our lives, personally and collectively.

We have experienced great uncertainty related to our health, work, financial situation, lifestyle, vaccine use, and a promising future. All these elements have caused that many of us live in a constant sense of unease and fear.  Besides the reality that has touched us living with the pandemic, we face a number of situations on a personal level that may feel that we do not have the answer on how to proceed.  I want to remind you that there is a difference between caution and fear.

If we allow fear to overtake us, we can become paralyzed, unable to make decisions and take action.

In times of uncertainty, the best we can do is to have an action plan and strategies to implement.

I share these strategies that can help you deal with uncertain times:

First of all,  recognize that it is impossible to have complete control over everything that happens to us and this requires adaptation on our part. Write down some situations in the past where you had no control. Notice which of your strengths helped you adapt and cope. It is extremely important to revalue our internal resources for use in times of doubt and uncertainty.

Situations that we have no control over can usually make us feel unable to face life and we let ourselves be handled by external factors. Because of the pace of life so hastily that we carry, sometimes we stay as automatons simply reacting without realizing that we give control of our emotions to external factors and others. At the moment is when we want to reassess how we act and see if our own handling of the situation contributes to that sense of uncertainty.

Focus on today and integrate methods such as meditation and deep breathing to handle any concerns about uncertainty. Keep in mind that exercise also helps us greatly to release those emotions that make us feel more restless and insecure.

Finally, it helps us greatly to be aware of the things on which if we have certainty and control. Focus on them and make decisions concerning them with safety and inner strength.

Remember, your life has meaning!

Ligia M. Houben