On the last night of 2020, I suddenly realized the year had taken the last year of your life; it was taking the final moments I shared with you. The last laughs, the last hugs, the last looks, the last prayers. 2020 ripped from the depths of my heart, your physical presence; however, your essence has remained in every corner of my soul, as in every corner of my home.

It is present in our family conversations, in church during Sunday’s mass, in visits to the cemetery, in my visits to Macy’s, to Walgreens, to Publix. It is present in every place I visited either with you or to buy something for you.  2020 took your last moments of life, and as I realized that, my heart turned upside down.

However, I turned my gaze to the year just to begin, 2021, and my face brightened up with a smile. I felt an illusion in my heart and a reborn purpose as it was filled with meaning. This year, I am going to share your story. This year, I will finish the project that I started a few months after your departure to heaven.

I will complete my project of portraying your life, your laughter; your love; your enthusiasm, and your achievements; I will share your philosophy. It is a celebration of your life to keep your legacy in our family. You were sunshine, a remarkable human being, and I want to portray your essence between stories and photos.

As was my father’s project that you enjoyed so much when I gave it to you, this project fills every fiber of my being with enthusiasm.

It fills me with meaning; fills me with purpose.

This is the main reason to welcome this year with joy and with an open heart, full of hope, for I will make your life immortal in a book.


Ligia del Carmen