There are times in your life when you face a crisis, and you need to decide either to quit or to persist.
How do you know what the best decision is?
When we face a situation that seems too difficult to endure, and you doubt you have the strength to withstand it or that it is not worth the effort, you may quit.
Many times, you don’t even make an effort to make it work; this is quitting. You may stop out of fear, staying in your comfort zone, or lack of self-confidence.
Other times, you do your best for a situation to work, and you put extra energy to see changes. If this doesn’t work, at least you have persisted in the effort and finally realized it is out of your control.
In your life, many things may be out of your control, and you may continue trying to make them work. You can fall into being stubborn. Maybe you do not like to let go.
There is a difference between letting go vs. quitting.
Do not quit before trying, and do not persist if it is not worth it. It’s your life. Make your decisions based on your values and be true to yourself.
Remember…your life has meaning!

Ligia M. Houben