Two years ago, you left this earthly plane and your light shines brighter than ever.

How is that possible?

Because your light is a guide in the dark moments.

Because your light is that spark in constant memories.

It is that constant love that persisted to the end in your heart and transcended time and space. That love is the inspiration that moves my heart every day to continue my mission to help those people who like me, have experienced the loss of their loved ones.

That relentless love is the flame that continues to inspire my spirit to bring a message of healing to the grieving souls.

It is for that reason that,
Your light reminds me that love does not end.

Your light is present among the family as a constant source of inspiration, smiles, union, and love.

Your light will be that infinite flame that will never be extinguished.

Your light is a sign that we are more than this body, we are spiritual beings who continue to live in the consciousness of those who love us since love is eternal.