If I could have chosen the month in which you were going to die, I would have chosen January because I would have had the whole year until Christmas. But wait, on Feb 14th is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day!  Then, what about at the end of February?  Neither, because depending on the year, Holy Week is in March or April, that was a very sacred time for us.

At the same time, May would not have been a good month either, because we celebrate Mother’s Day, your special day!

That takes us to June, which is the month when you died. However, I would not have chosen it because the following month is my birthday, and it was excruciating to be without you that day. It could not be in August either, since your birthday was the 8th, and how could we not celebrate another birthday of yours! But wait, in September neither, because it’s my anniversary and you loved to congratulate me.

Not even to consider October, because it is the birthday of your second daughter, Marielena. November? Impossible! my father’s anniversary is on the 11th, and this is a very sacred date for the family; besides, the festivities begin with Thanksgiving Day. December is not an appropriate month neither, as we celebrate the birthday of your eldest daughter, Alicia, La Purísima, and Christmas. Moreover, we start looking forward to the new year.

If I had to choose a month for your death, I would have chosen a name that does not exist in the calendar.


Ligia del Carmen