Pain is inevitable. Suffering is Optional.

Haruki Murakami


Often in our lives, we go through situations that may cause us pain, and instead of letting go of this pain, we keep it in our hearts and ask ourselves, Why me?  It is natural and human to resist pain; however, if you continue asking ourselves that question, we may stay stuck in the suffering.

If we keep it in our hearts, we continue feeding the pain instead of lessening it, and it becomes more significant, stronger, and more powerful. It may even control our moods, our interpersonal relationships, and the quality of our lives.

Do you want this to happen? Do you want to perpetuate this feeling in your heart? Or are you ready to let go of past losses or regrets?  It depends on what you want.  It will depend if you open your heart and welcome the possibility of being happier or if you remain to be stuck, bitter, and upset.

The first thing you can do to let go of any suffering is deciding to let it go.  Keep in mind that we do not have control over many events in our lives. However, we always have control over our thoughts. After validating and processing your pain (writing, talking to someone, doing some rituals), choose an emotion you want to feel instead.  At this moment, I am grieving the loss of my beloved mother. I know facing a significant loss is painful, still, because I want to continue honoring her, I choose to have peace in my heart.

How can you transform your suffering?

What emotion do you want to experience instead?

As you transform your loss, you transform your life.

Ligia M. Houben