Be the change you want to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

As we start a new year, many people take the opportunity of planning the year ahead.  They set goals with great expectation and anticipation. Some of them focus on the physical dimension, starting a new diet or engaging in a new plan of exercise. Some want to become better in their jobs or profession, including starting a new career. Others may want to develop their spiritual dimension. Setting goals is easy – what about realizing these goals?

What is your goal for 2019? Are you sure you want to achieve it? Then, the first step is to work in and on yourself. Without changing ourselves, we cannot change our external world. In the seminar I conduct, Live your Life with Meaning and Purpose and Realize your Goals, I ask the participants to do an exercise on discovering what their values are and how to live accordingly.

The following are some of the values I find essential to live the life you really want to live. These are:


Now, let me just briefly explore each of these values:

Self-discipline: if we want to better ourselves we need to focus on small actions performed every single day that will help us to create a habit. It has been said it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Do it. Make the commitment with yourself and for 21 develop a habit that will take you closer to your goal.

Perseverance: Everything takes effort and planning, especially at times of setbacks, which is when we can learn the best lessons. In coaching, we never use the word “failure” but feedback, because one can learn from these experiences. Don’t dismay if you find obstacles, they can only help you grow and become stronger. Keep focused on your goal and if you need to change the course of action, do so, but don’t quit.

Faith: I believe that having faith in you and in a Higher Power, which for me is God, everything is possible. Faith is the engine that keeps us moving to higher levels of conscience and existence. Sometime ago someone gave me a card with the phrase “Let go and let God” and I need to say to you – I cherish those words in my heart anytime I may feel any doubt or fear.

Purpose: As we set goals we need to know the reason behind that goal. What motivates you? What will this goal bring to your life? As you think in your purpose, use your imagination and visualize what you want to achieve and how do you feel achieving it.

Passion: The last value you need to have is passion. You must absolutely need to feel in your heart great excitement as you think about your goal and have the certainty that you will do it.

If you follow these values and are willing to work in and on yourself, you will find yourself engaging in a process of self-development and growth and with effort and time, you will become the ultimate you!

Remember, your Life has Meaning!

Ligia M. Houben