Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives by Altering Their Attitude

                                                 -William James

Our attitude is the disposition we have regarding a situation, a person, or life in general. We can have a positive or negative attitude, and this is based on our choice. Nobody is born with an attitude…this is created, developed, and maintained.

If we have a positive attitude we tend to be hopeful, joyful, and focus on solutions.  Our thoughts are empowering, creative, and loving.

If we have a negative attitude, we tend to be fearful, bitter and focused on problems. Our attitude can make the difference between staying in bed feeling sorry for ourselves or standing up facing the world with self-assurance.

It may not be easy….but our attitude makes it possible!

 Are you aware of the attitude you have in life? 

Do you tend to see things in a positive manner (despite encountering difficulties or facing losses) or do you have a negative filter? 

Is your focus of attention on problems or do you focus on solutions?

Some time ago, I did the presentation “Your Aptitude Reflects Your Attitude” to an organization that works with the aging population.  On this occasion, I told my group to pay attention to how they answered the phone when talking with older adults because our attitude is reflected even in our voice.  If they perceived irritation or impatience, most likely they will not call again.  Nobody likes to feel unappreciated. If we expect to be treated well, treat others well.

Our attitude has a great effect on people we deal with, but most importantly, it has a enormous effect on ourselves. If we have a good attitude we face situations expecting a beneficial outcome, with power and determination. If we have a negative attitude we face situations with the expectation of encountering problems, and we get annoyed or irritated. 

How can our attitude help us when we face a loss?  By choosing between being reacting to being responsive.  As Zig Ziglar said “It is not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you that makes a difference in your life.”  These words give us the freedom to choose. They give us the possibility of becoming a survivor instead of a victim. We may feel sad, still, we feel empowered. We may have pain in our hearts, still have determination in our will. We may long for the loss, still know we are able to embrace life again.

 If you suffer, from time to time, of a negative attitude, start doing this exercise to change it:

Sit tall, with your shoulders back and your head erect. Put your smile in your face (even if it is a slight one)and think:  

I am able to face this situation. I am able to handle any difficulty I may encounter.

If you want to really feel the difference it makes our body posture, get into a “bad attitude” posture: slump your shoulders, drop your head, and frown your forehead.  Do you notice the difference?

Another element that influences our attitude is our inner conversation. Choose messages that expand you, instead of limiting you. The reality is that we are the product of our thoughts.

Now, take a moment to reflect on these three questions. If you are not satisfied with the answer….Change your attitude!

·         Which attitude do you choose in life?

·         Are you a victim or a survivor?

·         Do you dwell on past losses or design a brighter future?

Remember…your life has meaning!

Have a beautiful day,

Ligia M. Houben