You Can Bounce Back After a Loss


In life, everybody faces difficult times, such as losing a loved one, a divorce or break-up, illness, or the loss of a job. As you read these lines, you may identify with one or several of these losses, and although you may feel you won’t be able to overcome the pain and be happy again, you can bounce back after a loss and even thrive on grief.

You can find strength and hope no matter what you are confronting in life.  It may take time (it is different for each of us), but it is possible.  What matters most is to have faith and believe in your resilience. Yes, you can bounce back after a loss.  You just need to look into your inner self to bring up those resources.

I won’t be happy again…

Life is unfair…

Why has this happened to me?

These are some of the thoughts you may entertain at moments of grief, despair, or hopelessness. It is natural to experience these emotions. It only shows you are human. Still, you can choose to dwell on your pain or bounce back after your loss.

I have been so touched by many of my clients who have faced painful situations and thrive on their grief that I wanted to remind you of your possibilities.    Moreover, at the present time, I am confronting a huge loss in my own life: I lost my beloved mother five months ago.  In the midst of my immense grief and inspired by her love, I have decided to bounce back.  Furthermore, I have encountered many losses in the past and have been able to bounce back. It has to do with faith, hope, strength, resilience, and love.

We have valuable resources in our spirit, mind, and heart.

It is up to us if we use them.

Remember, as you transform your loss, you transform your life!

Ligia M. Houben