I wish it existed a mailbox to heaven.
And what would I have put in that mailbox?
Mom, today that you would have turned 102 years old, I would have sent you a card, congratulating you on your birthday.
I would have sent you a card expressing the sweetness of mother you were and the great love you gave us.
It would have probably been a religious card that had the image of The Virgin because they were your favorites.,
Possibly, I would also have sent you a package wrapped in gift paper full of hearts or pink roses. In that package, I would have covered in pink tissue paper a blouse like those you loved to wear. I would have also looked for a pink blouse because you looked beautiful in that color.
I would have also sent you a copy of your book. I imagine you would have loved to see it and realize how you have impacted others with your story, with your photos, with your joy of living. Because that is what people have told me. You keep touching hearts through your book.
Mom, I wish I could send you all those things to heaven.
Since this mailbox does not exist, what I can do is, send you a prayer full of love and tell you a Happy Birthday that reaches you in heaven.


Your cumiche, Ligia del Carmen