These are the last days of 2018 and it is the perfect opportunity to review the year and evaluate our lives. For this process, I want to offer some resources that may be meaningful to you:

I know this year has been difficult for many people. Maybe you have experienced a significant loss in your life and feel a deep pain in your heart. Perhaps you have lost hope in some aspects of your future and are glad the year is over. Still, you can do something before the year ends to acknowledge and even honor that loss.

The loss I find most painful and that touches our hearts very closely is the death of a loved one. If you lost a loved one and have things you didn’t say…

Did you write that letter?

What about lighting a candle next to their picture?

Take the time before the year ends to honor your loved one doing something he or she would have enjoyed and do it with all the love in your heart.

What if you lost your job? This is also a difficult loss because it can extrapolate to other dimensions, such as our personal relationship or even our health.

What feelings have you experienced?

How are you expressing them?

Have you taken the time to evaluate all your resources and see if you even want to continue in that line of work?

If you lost your health,

Have you taken the time to talk to someone about how you feel?

Are you writing on your journal?

Do you meditate or engage in any spiritual ritual?

These are suggestions that could help you process those difficult times you may have experienced in 2018, yet, remember that even in the midst of pain, crisis, or loss you may find things in your life you feel grateful for, such as people who care for you, the skills or strengths you possess that make you special, or the blessing of having food on your plate.

Have you written the list of things or people to be grateful for?

Lastly….let go of any mistake or grievance you carry in your heart and…forgive. This means to forgive yourself or forgive others. You will feel lighter and renewed.

As you take inventory of the year and clean your soul, you can start 2010 with new expectations and new hopes. You have your life which is the greatest gift!

I leave you with the inspirational words someone said when looking at my book “Transform your Loss” that embodies my message:

“Despite darkness…you can still fly”

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a blessed 2019.

Remember…your life has meaning!

Ligia M. Houben