Ligia is offering VIRTUAL sessions due to Covid-19

The Center for Transforming Lives provides a comfortable and peaceful place where people can connect with their inner selves, let go of their grief and stress and learn valuable tools to embrace life with meaning and purpose.

Ligia M. Houben is the founder of The Center for Transforming Lives. She offers individual sessions as a Life Transitions Certified Professional Coach (CPC). Her innovative seminar “Transforming Grief and Loss” has been presented nationwide in more than 80 cities and is available to be presented on-site. You can check the calendar for more information. She works with the bereaved after the loss of a loved one. She can also help you transform other types of losses, such as divorce, loss of identity, retirement or any challenging life transition which may involve stress or fear.

With This Purpose in Mind The Center Offers:

Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Individual Meditation

Individual meditation and coaching sessions with Ligia. She has specialized in grief and stress management. Support and coaching groups to provide a space where sharing is safe and transformative. The 11 Principles of Transformation® is the core of Ligia’s message and can be applied to different groups.

Guided Meditation

Group Meditation

Mindfulness and guided meditation classes to private groups. These classes are also available on-site. Intimate seminars and workshops to promote personal growth and transformation for individuals and for professionals to better understand and help their clients.

Guided Meditation

Boutique Yoga Classes

Boutique Yoga classes with Al Sanchez to be more limber and relaxed. If you want personalized attention this class is for you. Coaching individuals, couple and families in communication skills and being present. Ligia specializes in life transitions, grief, loss and, personal growth. One of the techniques used by Ligia is CBT.

Workshops & Seminars

The 11 Principles of Transformation® is the transformational system Ligia created and can be applied to any loss.
This system was included in her self-help book Transform Your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope.

Inspirational Speaker And Trainer

Overcoming Stress and Be Happier.
Live with Purpose & Realize Your Goals.
Aging and Spirituality: The Fourth Dimension©.

Inspirational Speaker And Trainer

Happiness is a choice.
Counseling hispanics through loss & grief.
Talking about death, confronting our mortality©.

Need a comfortable space for a class or group?

The center is available for private classes and events

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