Learn how to separate the majors and the minors.

A lot of people don’t do well simply because

they major in minor things.

— Jim Rohn

Our days on this Earth are limited. Although we may avoid thinking about this reality, we are not immortal and our loved ones are not immortal. Are we appreciating every moment of our lives? Are we paying attention to what is important or are we spending too much time on trivialities?

Working with so many people facing life transitions, especially the death of a loved one, I have come to realize many of us live blindfolded just to regret it afterward. It is time we remove the bandage from our eyes and start paying attention to what matters most. The time is now. Let’s not wait until something tragic happens that may force us to change our perspective. The time is now and it may take just a few minor steps to live a more fulfilling life.

As you read this, some things may come to mind. Take a pause and reflect on the following:

What are you doing on a daily basis? Are you expressing your love to your loved ones? Are you sharing time with them? Are you focusing on their qualities and appreciating them, or are you focusing on their shortcomings and complaining about them? Are you doing the things you enjoy doing or do you live thinking “I will do it later”? We do not know what the future will bring…so, if it is under your control, carry on with your dreams and goals, and do it now. You may be aware of the film “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Let’s not wait until we are close to the end of our lives to do the things we always wanted to do – let’s do them now.

What about the kind of person you are? Are you satisfied with how you are or do you think “I will change later”… Later may not come and the memories your loved ones will have of you are of who you are now. If you know you should make some changes, like embracing more forgiveness and gratitude in your life or being more humble….do it now. Do not leave it for later. In his book “The Four Things that Matter Most”, Dr. Ira Byock shares with us what are the things people regret not saying more in their lives. In case you haven’t read the book (which I highly recommend!) these things are:

“Please forgive me,” “I forgive you,” “Thank you,” and “I love you.”

What about your daily activities? We are living the era of technology, and although the progress has been wonderful, we have paid the price of devoting too much time to emails, texting, or surfing the web (I can identify with this issue and am working on it)! Let’s be more selective about how we spend our time.

Let’s make sure, as Jim Rohn said, that we are not majoring on minor things.  This brings to my memory what my father, Julio Martínez used to say, “because minor things are plenty, they become important.”

I know this can be challenging because it is so ingrained in our modern lifestyle, but just by taking few steps and making minor changes we may find ourselves connecting more with people (I mean, really connecting)!, living more in harmony, and knowing that if something happens, then we will have in our hearts peace of mind knowing we lived according to what mattered most.


Remember….your life has meaning!

Have a beautiful day,