We are living times that may bring us a sense of disbelief, helplessness, and shock.

Because of an unprecedented situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives have been drastically disrupted, changing the concept of the world as we know it.  To all those people who have suffered due to the Coronavirus I accompany them with all my heart.

There has been a loss of our assumptive world.  And what is this assumptive world?  It is the understanding we have of our reality. It is based on our beliefs, surroundings, what keeps us grounded and safe.  When this world shatters for any reason, it can bring us a sense of disbelief, a sense of insecurity, a sense of loss.

How can we respond to this threat that is compromising our sense of wellbeing at all levels?  First, understanding that we cannot control everything and accepting our new reality.  It is a new world right now, and it’s necessary to pay attention to the things we can still manage, and these are our behavior, our communication with others, and our mindset.

Because of these changes, we may experience disturbing emotions such as anxiety, fear, and hopelessness.  It is understandable we feel this way as we may endure situations such as social isolation, lack of control, and insecurity for the future.  Furthermore, because this pandemic can be fatal, it may take us to an existential crisis regarding our mortality.  Instead of being scare of such reality, we can transform it into an opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and pay attention to what really matters.

To help you navigate this difficult time, I want to share with you the following tips:

Stay informed without obsessing about this situation. Pay attention to the sources of information; this includes social media.

Stop worrying about “what if.” The future is uncertain.  There is a difference between planning and worrying.  Prepare yourself in a responsible manner and live today.

Be realistic and plan what you can do during these times of uncertainty. Recognize what you have control over and what you do not.

Take this time to reflect on what is essential in your life.  Do some journaling about it; this may allow you to review your values and live accordingly.

Be mindful of your behavior and act responsibly. Refrain from alarming conversations.  

Finally, pay attention to your thoughts.  If these are disturbing, change them. Always remember TEA:

Thoughts, Emotions, Actions.

Based on how you think, you feel, and, based on how you feel, you act.

Remember, your life has meaning.

Ligia M. Houben, MA, FT, CGC, CPC