We have the blessing of living in a free country where we can become whoever we want to be, do whatever, we want to do and go wherever we want to go.

Still, many times we choose to stay in the same place; doing things we do not enjoy doing or dreaming to be the person we wish to be.

Why is this? What holds us back if we have the freedom in our hands?

As I reflect on this incongruence  I realize that some of the chains that keep us prisoners in our world are imposed by us. We are responsible for not being “free.”

We put restraints in our capacity of growing, learning, of loving. We set limitations, which start in our thoughts and expand into our behaviors.

Do you feel you have some limitations in your life? I invite you to evaluate every dimension of your life: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

And then decide if you want to be free…

Remember…your life has meaning!

Ligia M. Houben

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