Today is the first Mother’s Day without you by my side and I have a strange feeling. I feel empty, I feel like if I am missing something. I am missing your presence.

All this week I have lived it with this restless feeling in my heart.

What has made me feel this way if every day I miss having you in my life?

The difference is that the environment has been dedicated to your day.

How can this special day so celebrated and announced be unnoticed?

Flowers, cards, balloons, ornaments… they are all triggers that have reminded me that you’re not by my side and the void feels even deeper.

The difference is that there was no celebration planning, there was no illusion of going to the store to buy you a blouse like the ones you loved; the difference was not to expect this day to arrive with the usual anticipation; The difference was that I was not going to be able to tell you while I was hugging you, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

However, in the midst of all this feeling of sorrow, I remember with great love our last Mother’s Day and my heart rejoices because we were able to enjoy our usual ritual and you enjoyed your red flowers so much; this stayed forever in my heart. I have confirmed that our lives are made of moments, and the life I had by your side, was filled with many moments full of love and joy.

Many of those moments are Mother’s Day memories. This time I give you again this diploma that you kept in your cards’ box, in which I recognize you as the best mother in the world.


Happy Mother’s Day to heaven.

Ligia del Carmen

Tu cumiche.