New beginnings can be promising. New beginnings can be scary. It all depends on our perspective and attitude. Every beginning involves change and most of us like what is familiar. Many of us do not welcome change. Still, everything changes.  Life changes. Things change. People change.

So, what happens if our life is confronting a major change? How do we respond to it? Are we excited with the idea of a new beginning? Are we afraid of the unknown? Do we dwell on the pain this change is causing to us, or do we open our hearts to find ways of growing, enjoying, and transforming?

Furthermore, in many instances, we need to make decisions which involve change and we delay them because of fear of the unknown. We may limit ourselves to new possibilities because we do not trust in our ability to embrace new beginnings. If you are facing a transition in your life, take a pause and reflect. How are you handling this experience? Are you afraid or courageous? Are you enthusiastic or dispirited? Do you have faith or lack of hope?

As you evaluate your attitude, remember that you may not have control over some changes that happen in your life. Nevertheless, you still have control over how to respond. It all starts with acceptance. Know in your heart, you can choose how this change will impact your life.

If you need to take some time to meditate and connect with your inner self, do it. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to share with others how you feel, do so. Do not deny your emotions; validate them.  Focus on how you want to feel, and make it happen.

You never know if this change will make the greatest difference in your life.

Embrace it with an open mind and an open heart.

Remember…Your life has meaning!

Ligia M. Houben