If you feel desperate because you find yourself in a situation where you cannot find a way out, I want to share with you, certain techniques or tips that you can do to help you deal with your emotions.

When living a difficult situation, sometimes we do not want to get out of bed to avoid facing what is happening; We would like to escape or think that everything has been a bad dream. We do not want to wake up! You may not stop crying or thinking about the pain you feel.

You may even think that nothing you do can change what you are living. In effect, there are situations that are beyond our control and the only thing that we can really control is how we handle it. You will ask, what can I do? What is the first step to take?

The following suggestions will help you to manage what you are confronting at this time of your life.


Find support in others. It does not necessarily have to be a support group. It can be someone very close to you with whom you can talk openly about how you feel; It can be a friend or a relative. Remember that sharing does not mean staying stuck in the situation and just talking about it. If you feel too overwhelmed and think you need a guide or professional help, turn to a counselor who can offer you tools to help you process your emotions.


When facing a crisis, you can experience many emotions, from fear, to anger, sadness, frustration or despair. Learn to recognize them and process them yourself. Write the emotions on a piece of paper and then you can rip it up.  You can also write in your journal to get it out of your heart and put it on paper.


To process your emotions, you can also do a mindfulness exercise. Close your eyes, focus on your heart, and ask yourself …

What am I feeling? What makes me feel that way? What would I like to feel instead of …?

Immediately think of something that gives you that desired emotion and imagine it in a very vivid way. The mind is very powerful. By imagining something you can feel it in your body. That is what we call the mind-body connection.


Learn to fight your negative thoughts. What we think has a great influence on how we feel and according to how we feel, we act. If in your mind you harbor thoughts of hopelessness, remember moments in your life in which you thought that things would not improve and over time it was different. You can also think: I am able to handle this situation. Being able to handle your thoughts and feel different gives you a great feeling of empowerment. You’ll feel that you are not a victim of external factors, because internally you possess wonderful resources to change your mood.


If you know my system The 11 Principles of Transformation® you will recognize that this is the sixth principle. Keep in mind that it is important not to neglect yourself. Although you may not feel like taking care of yourself, in times of stress the immune system is suppressed and it is necessary to be proactive: eat healthy (avoid abusing alcohol to forget or feel better); Do physical exercise if your health allows it, since it helps to generate endorphins and give you a sense of well-being.

Feed your spirit with moments of silence, meditation, or prayer.

Remember, you may not be able to change the situation or event, but you can change how you handle it. Everything is in you. Believe in your ability of handling things. Have faith in yourself.

And if you believe in God … Have faith in God.

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