Winston Churchill said: If you are going through hell, keep walking.

As we read this sentence, it may hit us or make us reject it. However, if we put our hearts and reflect on what he is saying, we may identify ourselves with what Churchill meant with this message.

If you are suffering or going through hell at this moment, my heart is with you. I don’t know what type of hell you are going through; however, if you feel your heart broken, it may feel this way.

Sometimes we face life situations that seem unbearable, and we wonder how we will withstand them. We may even think it is going to be eternal, and it consumes us.

Let’s start defining what is hell to you.

Hell is something that brings to us suffering; that is unbearable, inexplicable; and at times, we can’t even describe how it feels. As human beings, we encounter those moments because they are part of our human experience. We go through beautiful times, accomplishments, joyful experiences; however, we may be going through hell. You may have lost a loved one, going through a divorce, lost your job, or having health challenges.

What are you going to do? What are the options? Churchill says, “just keep walking.”

We cannot go back because it is our reality; it’s there. Even if we want to rewind the situation, we cannot; it happened. What is the other option that we have if we are not going to continue walking? Are you going to stay still or stuck? Are you going to sit down and complain, “I am going through hell, I am going through hell?”

What can you do? After taking a pause, keep walking because maybe at that moment that is the only thing you have under your control, because the more you walk, at least you feel you are taking action. Moreover, you are also gaining strength when you are taking action; you are also building resilience, going through those painful times and suffering.

Decide to continue walking because it’s up to you the choice you make. You may not have chosen to be in hell; however, you can still choose if you stay still, or as Churchill said, continue walking.

Remember, as you transform your loss, you transform your life.

Ligia M. Houben