Happiness is not something you expect for tomorrow; it is something you decide for today.

                                                     -Ligia M. Houben



Are You Choosing to be Happy?

All human beings strive for happiness. When we face a life-changing event, time does not stop. Life continues, and we continue living as well. One of the greatest reasons for embracing life after loss is the need for creating a sense of joy and meaning in our lives.  Many people think that happiness means not having problems or pain when in reality happiness comes from experiencing inner peace, having an accepting attitude towards the things we cannot change, and cherishing the good moments.

If you find yourself grieving a loss, know that you may experience an array of emotions. Be compassionate with yourself. Acknowledge each emotion and take time to grieve. Still, do not dwell on it. Take each day at a time, and give yourself permission to be happy again. If you are feeling down…remember it is temporary. But, most of all, remember you have all the resources to feel better. You are not a victim of destiny. You are the designer of your own happiness.

Be Happy! Be happy from the inside out, do not allow either situations or people determine your happiness. Make the choice!
Remember that our emotions are a direct response to what we think about. Have happy thoughts and you will evoke positive emotions. Today choose to be happy. Even in the midst of difficulties…..You can!

I know that sometimes it is difficult to take the first step but….if you are not happy with your life, reflect on what is holding you back to take action.  Don’t settle for “hanging in there”….make each day an opportunity to grow and be happier.  Choose to be happy and your outlook will take a whole new perspective.
Now is the time to bring that joy to your life. Now is the time to start a process that can transform your loss and change your life. In order to do this, and based on my own life’s experiences,  I offer two workshops to bring us closer to live with more joy and…to be happy!

One is the core of my message, The 11 Principles of Transformation which was designed to take you from loss into growth, as you learn to apply the necessary tools to transform your life.  The other workshop, Happiness is a Choice! is to remind you that….Happiness is a Choice! After my accident, I could have chosen to be bitter, angry, or depressed. Still, I chose to be happy because I have focused on being grateful to be alive, to enjoy doing the things I can do, and to keep hope in the future.
You cannot fake happiness.

This comes from within. Still, the beauty is that, with practice, it becomes your state of being.  So, what can you start doing right now?
Start each day with a sense of gratitude, enthusiasm, and empowerment. You can make each week meaningful, loving, and productive. Focus on what you can do instead of complaining on what you “have” to do. Choose to be happy!

Remember…your life has meaning!
Ligia M. Houben