If you responded, you are not, let me tell you that…we are all writers.  

Every single day we write a page in the book of our lives.

 In this article, I want to bring to your awareness how important it is to pay attention to the actions we take, and we do not take.  As you evaluate the different areas of your life, take a pause and think: 

If I were to come up with a title for the book of my life, what would be the title?

If you want to connect with your real self at a very deep level, I invite you to start writing a book about your life. As in all books, you can start by writing the outline to give you an idea what is important to you. For the prologue, you could ask someone who knows you very well, to write about you (virtues and defects), and your life.  You want someone who would be totally honest. You can take it! 

Now, you may wonder how to divide the other parts of the book. Would you go by sections or by chapters?

What about if you divide the different sections based on the different dimensions:  Physical, social, emotional, and spiritual?  Keep in mind each dimension has sub-dimensions. How would you consider yourself to be emotionally? How stable are you? How fulfilled? How happy? Write about the emotions you feel on a regular basis, and what makes you feel and experience those emotions. Evaluate the sources of your happiness or the sources of your grief or frustration.  Remember the book is a work in progress.

What about the physical dimension?  You could divide it into chapters.  You could write about your health and your lifestyle; exercise; eating habits, and sleeping habits. 

Now,  let’s explore your social section.  You could write different chapters as well:  Your romantic life; interaction with friends, family, colleagues, even with strangers.  Do you pay attention to the needs of others?  How real is your relationship with others in the world?

What about writing a chapter about your professional life?  A chapter about what you do.  Do you love it or dislike it?  Is it your passion?  If not, what would you like to do?  You can write another chapter about your finances!  How do you manage them? 

Finally, what about your spiritual dimension?  In this section, you could write three different chapters: forgiveness, gratitude, and love.

Are you easy to forgive or do you keep grudges in your heart?   Furthermore, do you forgive yourself or do you act as your harshest judge?

What about gratitude? Are you grateful?  Can you embrace gratitude even at times when you face huge challenges? 

And….what place has love in your life?  Write this chapter with…all your heart!   Do you love yourself and love others?   I am not just talking about romantic love.  I am talking about the love that comes from the inside out and expands to the rest of humanity.  Keep in mind that… it all starts with us, as we cannot give what we do not have.

Do you think you can write this book?  Well, remember that you are already writing it and have written many pages… But, do you know what the beauty is?   You can re-write some of the content in some of those pages.   Then, when someone picks up the book that is about your life and they start reading those pages, they will think:  This is an amazing writer!   I am learning so much about this author who has so much awareness!  I am learning from his mistakes, and he is inspiring me to be the best that I can be.

It is up to you, how you want to touch the life of someone when they pick up the book.  

We know the tittle of a book is important, and choose it wisely.

However, what is most valuable is the content.

We all have a book inside of us, and in case you doubted…You are a Writer!

Remember…Your LIfe has Meaning!

Ligia M. Houben