We are living in amazing times! Because of technology, in a matter of seconds, we can get in touch with anybody in any part of the world.  The world has become more integrated. We can communicate via email, video conferences, phone, text…We are so connected! But wait…are we really connected? We may be connecting with the outer world and yet… Are we connected with ourselves?  What about our inner world? Do we know who we at a deep level? Or are we just scratching the surface of our being?

In the guided meditation classes I facilitate, one of the suggestions I give to the participants is to take that time to connect with their inner selves.  I ask them to take that time, to let go of the external world, and go within themselves.

We are so connected with the outer world that we are risking losing connection with what matters the most… our inner self.

Moreover, because I believe we all have a divine essence; we may lose that connection with the Higher Power, the Divine Source….God.

Life is precious, and it is so unpredictable. Today we are here. Tomorrow we may be gone. We do not know. Each day is a gift, therefore live it fully, connected, not diverted by mundane distractions.  Moreover, do not allow negative emotions to rule your life, as they can only lower your sense of happiness and spirituality.

This can be challenging because sometimes we find ourselves in a dark place when we just want to shut the door. You can take this as an opportunity to ponder over what is going on with your soul and how to bring solace and peace to your inner self.

I know we live busy lives and the world is moving at a very fast pace; however, we can always find the time to connect with ourselves and grow spiritually, despite being surrounded by noise and distractions. The best example I can share with you is a scene from the movie Baraka, which we recently discussed in our movie forum at The Center for Transforming Lives. The scene is about a Buddhist monk who is doing a walking meditation in the busy downtown Japan. One can see people walking in a hurry around him, and the monk is totally connected with his spirit, as he repeats a mantra and softly rings a bell. What a concept!

It is up to us to continue using the excuse of being too busy, too hurt, or too distracted…the choice is always ours.

You do not need to connect at a spiritual level if you do not want it.

Still…if you want to experience life at a deeper level, give yourself a chance.

Find a spot in your inner self and make the connection. This may be the wisest decision you can make.


Remember…your life has meaning!

Ligia M. Houben