Redefining Loss

Are you facing a change in your life?
Do you feel you have lost connection with who you are?
Do you feel lost, hopeless, or confused?

Although we generally identify the word “loss” with the death of a loved one, there are other types of losses which could also bring grief into our lives. Some of these losses are:

Loss of identity Aging and loss of youth
Divorce or break-up Loss of self-esteem
Loss of your pet Loss of your job
Change of career Financial losses
Moving or relocating Loss of health
Retirement Taking care of aging parents (caregivers)

Do not allow ANY loss to define you! You are more than what has happened to you. Make that connection with your inner self and use all your resources. As your coach, I can guide you through any of these losses and help you to find meaning and purpose in life in only 12 weeks with the 11 Principles of Transformation. We can work in person (if you live in Miami) or via Skype. It all starts with you.

You are able to transform your loss and transform your life!

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