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The Center for Transforming Lives is to provide a comfortable place where people have the opportunity to let go of their pain and problems, and are able to find peace, joy, and empowerment.

Ligia’s Life, Mindfulness and Spiritual Coaching Can Become Your Roadmap to Your Personal Growth, Inner Happiness, and Transformation during Your Grief, Loss, and Healing Recovery… and all you need to do is:

Commit to make your transformation happen!

With This Purpose in Mind The Center Offers:

Meditation classes, to enhance relaxation and mindfulness.

Yoga classes, to enhance relaxation and mindfulness.

Personal sessions with Ligia for stress management and insomnia.

Educational programs and workshops to promote personal growth and transformation for Individuals and for Professionals to better understand and help their clients.

Consultation to individuals and families. Ligia specializes in life transitions, grief, loss and personal growth. One of the techniques used by Ligia which helps to live a more enjoyable life is hypnosis.

Support and coaching groups to provide a space where sharing is safe and transformative. The Eleven Principles of Transformation® is the core of Ligia’s message and is applied in different groups:

The following are some of the workshops, seminars Ligia facilitates:

The Eleven Principles of Transformation® (turning loss into growth) which is her unique program and can be applied to any loss. (Available as a 2 Day Workshop and a 12-Week Healing Program Online).

Overcoming Stress and Be Happier
Live with Purpose & Realize Your Goals
Aging and Spirituality: The Fourth Dimension©

Happiness is a choice
Counseling Hispanics Through Loss & Grief
Talking about Death. Confronting our Mortality©

Do you need an intimate and comfortable space for a class or group?

The center is available for private classes and events.

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