“My dearest Ligia and Group of the Eleven Principles of Transformation I want to share that, although I had not taken time to write because I am too busy making use of the Eleven Principles of Transformation, I’ve been thinking about each of you … and of course about Ligia, our leader and teacher. The workshop gave me great tools and I recommend it to anyone who is going through a loss or has had a loss which could not be overcome.”

-Carmen Kennett M.S.ED
Counselor & Coach
“Nurtured Heart Approach” Advanced Trainer
Managua, Nicaragua

“The seminar of the Eleven Principles of Transformation by Ligia Houben is a very enriching experience, which allows those who have experienced a loss to find practical and useful tools to process and transform it with a new meaning for their lives. Her method utilizes experiential exercises that allow us to delve into ourselves and discover we can have a life with hope. The warmth, empathy, and simplicity with which Ligia interacts with the participants makes this seminar a space of love, understanding, personal development and transformation.”

-Oralí Flores President. Personas unidas en el dolor y la esperanza (The Association of People joined in pain and hope) (PUDE)

“Ligia, thank you very much for your special words and care. I thank God, especially, for allowing me to be at the seminar. It was a great experience to learn and experience our human nature, which is so rich, and so often forgotten. The seminar reminded me of the value we have in our inner world and thus, from which arise the strengths and experiences we need to continue this journey. I am very grateful and hope we’ll meet again not once, but several times.”

-Mariana A. Obregon Psychologist

“Participating in the seminar of the Eleven Principles by Ligia Houben is a revealing and vastly emotional experience. Besides acquiring a set of tools, we realize that we can develop wonderful abilities to face our fears and move forward out of our overwhelming situations. In this way, we understand that to process our loss and our grief, it is necessary to practice and live these principles consciously and find that the key to transforming our losses into hope resides within us!!! It is a very motivating life experience when shared with others and be to be able to see the emotional growth that we have already experienced!”

-Regards,Mayra Elena Vivas M.
Secretary. Personas unidas en el dolor y la esperanza (The Association of People joined in pain and hope) (PUDE)

“Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Houben. The Finding Meaning Project was born out of a collaborative effort between staff at Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center and Mrs. Houben. The goal was to understand the feelings of loneliness expressed by some nursing home residents. Mrs. Houben was extremely helpful in assessing the needs of our Residents. Her ability to gather information and then present staff with techniques and programs ideas was impressive. Everyone involved appreciated her kind, caring and professional persona. Our experience working with Mrs. Houben was a valuable one.”

-Janie Solano, CTRS – Supervisor, Recreation Therapy Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center, Miami, Fl

“In her seminar “The Meaning of Memories at the End of Life” Ms. Houben has provided information to health care professionals across the country that allows them to assist their patients and the community to the best of their ability. Through research and professional experience, Ms. Houben is able to inform students and professionals about strategies, in the areas of spiritual and emotional needs, that are best suitable in various circumstances as well as techniques that target the needs of different cultures. Her dedication to health care education provides us with resources that helps us better ourselves, patient care, and improve our efforts to assist those in need. We are honored to have her on our team and look forward to continuing our joint endeavor.”

-Emma Carreon, M.A. – University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio

“Ligia has written continuing education modules for our nutrition and nursing departments focusing on the ethical and emotional perspectives. She was outstanding in her professional approach to all assignments and submitted them on a timely basis. Furthermore, she was a JOY to work with as she has a kind and creative spirit that is refreshing to the soul. I recommend Ligia highly for future projects with other companies.”

-Kathy J. Shattler, M.S,RD – Director, Nutrition and Dietetics Division

“I always enjoy your conference and all the techniques you are so willing to share with others. Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I look forward to hearing you in April of this year. Thank you for sharing your expertise with others.”

-Beverly Brown, Distance Education Specialist, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for taking the time to speak at the Alzheimer’s disease educational session here at The Wein Center. The knowledge that you gave to the group was invaluable. The participants were deeply moved by your presentation and the spiritual helps that you provided.”

-Graciela M. Fowler, LCSW

“The seminar “Your Attitude reflects your Aptitude” was very enlightening and inspiring. I am incorporating tips learned in my daily routine and reflecting upon them more positively. Thanks Mrs. Ligia M. Houben.”

-Patricia Diaz Medicaid Benefits Counselor – Alliance for Aging

“Thanks for coming and teach us practical things that will help us in our daily path in all aspects of life. Definitely, it is good to stop and reflect on our attitudes, and make a change, in order to get results on our aptitudes. It will do no good just to hear and do not do, but to hear and act. Personally, I believe it was excellent, and also many of them as a Christian, I do them, as they are written in the Word. Thanks, again, as your way of teaching reaches out.”

-Esperanza Benitez – Information & Referral Specialist – Alliance for Aging

“Having recently attended Ligia’s presentation at the International ADEC conference on Death and Dying, I can attest to her expertise and genuine love of people and culture. Ligia is the voice and heart for Hispanics in the field of thanatology. Ligia’s deep understanding and sensitivity of Hispanic culture make her a sought after speaker among fellow thanatologists. As a Latina, I felt that Ligia was able to respectfully educate the attendees as to the needs present among Hispanics as a whole, and remind us the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the differences among the individual Latin populations.”

-Angelica Fajardo, CT, Certified Thanatology, Association for Death Education & Counseling, Southern CA Chapter, Vice President

“I recently attended Ligia’s presentation “Understanding How Latinos Express Grief and Loss” at the annual ADEC conference. Her presentation was very informative and applicable to my work at a hospice in Central California. Her expertise in the uniqueness of rituals around death in various Latin American countries was very enlightening. She has a warm and engaging style and her passion for teaching was evident. Her insights have helped to further develop my cultural sensitivity and understanding of the grieving styles in the Latino population.”

-Stacy Fazio, Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Hinds Hospice Center for Grief and Loss

“Ligia Houben is a remarkable young woman with a passion for those who seek meaning, hope and faith in the midst of living, dying and grieving. She also has done great work in knocking down the walls and bringing people closer to the needs and sorrows of Spanish speaking people.”

-Rev. Richard B. Gilbert, PhD, CT, executive director, The World Pastoral Care Center.

“I know Ligia (Houben) both as a personal friend and professional. She is one of the most compassionate persons I have ever known. Her understanding of bereavement and religion is evidenced – based and complemented with great care, compassion, and unique enthusiasm. This blend makes her an outstanding educator and counselor, capable of touching students and anyone in need of help alike. Ligia Houben has deep knowledge of the human soul, and she uses it to help others heal and transform. Knowing Ligia will definitely enrich your life and enhance its meaning!”

-Myriam Gerstein, L.C.S.W., C.A.P.

“Since Ligia Houben was a student in my Religious Issues in Death and Dying class almost a decade ago, she has worked tirelessly to acquire the education, knowledge, and experience to provide caring and expert assistance to those who wish to become better able to deal with the vexing issues humans beings face at the end of life. I can think of no one I know who is better qualified based on her personal qualities and training to do just that than Ligia. As a gerontologist, I am especially happy that she has specialized in providing services to older persons and those who work with them. With the aging of our population over the next several decades, the need for what Ligia Houben is so qualified to provide is critical.”

-Stephen Sapp, MDiv, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Religious Studies, University of Miami – Coral Gables , Florida

“Thank you for the time and effort you put into developing, planning, and conducting this past weekend’s workshop! It was a wonderful experience!”

-Gail Brown, LCSW

“Dear Ligia, Last weekend seminar was wonderful ! I learned so much and enjoyed it tremendously.
Congratulations! I am looking forward to attending more of your workshops in the future.”

-Parvin Ganjei-Azar, MD

“Ligia Houben led “The Eleven Principles of Transformation” seminar in a most effective way possible. Ligia’s natural compassion to people and to her dedication to the subject of grief made this seminar a tremendous success. Ligia’s ability to be fully present, with her incredible talent for listening, made the participants feel comfortable and at ease. The seminar was hands-on, very dynamic, rich in content and activities, and not for a moment dull.

The participants came for professional and personal reasons. I loved the fact that some of the participants were there because they suffered a  loss, and others were there because they help others to work through their loss (like a rabbi, priests, social workers, chaplains, a physiologist and a life coach). The background of the participants enriched the seminar. The energy that was created and led by Ligia was very positive, and the connection between people, turned instantly into friendships.

Ligia,  thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know you in person, and to get to experience your teachings.  I hope to share more precious moments with you. ”

-Li-Mor Raviv, Life & Business Coach

“Ligia, I am grateful for the opportunity God gave me to meet you and to learn from you how to transform my son’s death into something positive. And not only that, I also learned to deal with all kinds of pain and loss of others.  With what I learned from you, I can listen to others who are also suffering, even when the loss is not due to death.  May God continue to bless you with this very special wisdom that He has given you, especially because of the love with which you share that wisdom.

With much gratitude,”

-Maria Gough


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