The Seminar Transforming Grief and Loss: Strategies for your Clients to Heal The Past, Change the Present and Transform the Future has been presented with PESI for mental health professionals in 97 cities nationwide.

This powerful seminar offers techniques and tools you can use right away to help your clients live a fulfilled life after loss. Despite being a heavy subject, Ligia Houben, grief and loss expert, presents it in a light manner.

Ligia has put her life work into developing the 11 Principles of Transformation®, which is a unique system that will help your clients bounce back after a loss. She will walk you through each principle with case studies and client success stories of moving past grief to living a fulfilled life again.

This seminar is a must attend, if you work with clients who experience any of the following: Ligia Houben, grief expert, will demonstrate tools that can help your clients find meaning, achieve breakthroughs, and to build the life they want on the other side of loss or transition. She will show you a roadmap. which is based on The 11 Principles of Transformation® that can help your clients find peace, healing, and recovery.

  • Loss of a loved one
  • A divorce or romantic breakup
  • Loss of a job
  • Going through a major life transition such as kids leaving the home, retirement, etc

This seminar will teach you how to help clients overcome their fears, live life with more meaning and purpose and transform from loss to living!