Level II: The 11 Principles of Transformation®
Group Facilitator CertificationLive in the Center for Transforming Lives in Miami, FL

In this three-day training the participants will gain knowledge on how to facilitate support/transformational groups which apply The 11 Principles of Transformation®. It will expand the skills acquired in the Level I workshop, such as active listening, grief dimensions and expressions, empowerment, and transformation. A training manual will be provided with ideas on how to form support groups, elicit participation, and establish common and individual objectives.


This is a three-day training with a format that is fully practicum. Role play will be a vital aspect of this training. The participants will have the opportunity to show their skills as facilitators in various activities. When the participant leaves this seminar s/he will have the necessary tools to facilitate support groups using The 11 Principles of Transformation®. Class size is limited to 12-16 individuals. Upon successful completion of this training, certification will be provided by Ligia M. Houben, My Meaningful Life, LLC. You will be given a license (which will be signed in an agreement) to become a facilitator of support groups (you choose your niche) applying The 11 Principles of Transformation®.

Course Pre-requisite:

The 11 Principles of Transformation®Level I. The  participant is expected to have processed their own loss or transition through the exercises and activities of the introductory level workshop. They will have a thorough understanding of the philosophy of this system of transformation through group activities.

Material Included:

Manual: The 11 Principles of Transformation—Facilitator of Circles of Meaning and Transformation®

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