Grief and Loss ConsultingLigia provides Grief and Loss coaching and support to individuals, groups, and organizations.

Grief is the natural response to a loss. People generally try to ignore their grief and pretend that nothing has happened to them, but inside they are hurting. Furthermore, they sometimes want to distract you from your grief with comments that don’t really help. Do you feel that this has happened to you? If this pain is not acknowledged and recognized, then it stays with us, preventing us from moving on with our lives. Although most people expect grief to be expressed only at the emotional level, it can be experienced in all dimensions:

Physically Emotionally
Spiritually Socially

A grieving employee is not a productive employee.

– Ligia M. Houben

Wellness at Work: Healing and Growing for the Grieving Employee

Besides providing her services to individuals and their families, Ligia Houben’s mission is to help corporations and organizations achieve maximum success in their understanding of their employees and clients as they face a life transition. She has vast experience in conducting training and seminars in the area of bereavement, grief, and loss. Ligia has conducted bereavement trainings at hospitals such as Baptist Health South and Jackson Memorial Hospital and is an adjunct faculty member of several universities.

Her purpose is to help corporations and organizations achieve maximum success in their business through an understanding of their employees’ needs. As she says, “a grieving employee is not a productive employee.” Grief at work may affect three different groups of people and their productivity: the person facing the loss, the manager of the company, and the people working with someone enduring the loss.

These are some of the organizations that would benefit from Grief & Loss Consulting:

Corporations Funeral Homes
Hospitals Non-profit organizations
Universities Churches
Adult Day Care Centers Schools
Nursing Homes Assisted Living Facilities


What is Grief Coaching?

As a Certified Grief Counselor, Life Transitions Coach, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Grief Counseling, Ligia has specialized in helping others deal with any loss or difficult life transition in a caring and empowering way.

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