Support Group Facilitator, Trainer and EducatorFacilitating support & coaching groups

Ligia M. Houben is a Support Group Facilitator, Trainer and Educator who touches the heart of many with her signature message of grief & loss transformation throughout the United States an internationally. Ligia has delivered her message to corporations and organizations such as Exxon Mobile, Baptist Health System, University of Miami Hospital, Vitas Hospice, Alliance for Aging, Embassy of Sweden in Nicaragua, Latin America Association of Palliative Care, American Society of Aging, and Association for Death, Education and Counseling, just to name a few.

Ligia consults with Corporations, Organizations, Schools, and Hospitals on themes related to Life Transitions and offers Off-Site Training on the following topics: 

  • The Eleven Principles of Transformation
  • Grief at the work place
  • Finding Meaning in Life Transitions
  • Special needs of aging adult
  • Establishment of bereavement support groups

All services are offered in English & Spanish.

The 11 Principles of Transformation™ is her signature message, which provides the resources to change your life after a loss or transition. It takes the participant through eleven steps from accepting the loss/transition to visualizing the desired life. It involves reflective exercises, rituals, and guided imagery. Her message of transformation can be applied to individuals, groups and organizations and can be offered as a one day program, weekend program or throughout several weeks.

Education and training on Grief & Loss Transformation, for the health care professional and organizations.Available in the United States and Internationally

Ligia offers Custom-Tailored Seminars & Workshops for personal loss transformation, for professionals working with clients (including coaches), for corporations and organizations. Her topics include:

  • How to Handle Stress & Anxiety

    A Stress Management Workshop which provides you with tools for: Managing personal pressure, effectively handling stress at work, and overcoming the pressure of “doing too much.”
    Many organizations and corporations would benefit from this workshops!


  • Wellness at Work: From Grief to Growth
    This insightful all-day seminar will cover important issues concerning grief in the workplace and how this experience can affect three different groups of people and their productivity: the person facing the loss, the manager of the company, and the people working with someone enduring the loss.


  • Live with Purpose and Realize your Goals 
    As we face midlife we may find ourselves evaluating our purpose in life. This all-day workshop will enable participants to reflect on their life through directed exercises and visualizations. This workshop is experiential and stimulates group sharing.


  • Happiness is a Choice!
    We all have the resources to develop ourselves in the person we want to be and be HAPPY! If you want to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life, this seminar is for your. It will provide you with powerful elements to develop a happiness mindset and cultivate positive emotions.


  • Aging and Spirituality: The Fourth Dimension©

    Understanding the Fourth Dimension Integrating spirituality into the lives of adults in later life is essential in order to enhance their wellbeing. This workshop explores the value of forgiveness, love and acceptance in old age. A special section is dedicated to elders suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This is a didactic an experiential workshop especially for professional caregivers and family members.

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Ligia is available to work with groups or organizations that are interested in specific topics besides those herein mentioned.