Transforming Grief and Loss Seminar


APRIL 6-JUN 29 (no seminar on Saturday, May 25th).

This weekly seminar is for older adults who are experiencing losses in their life. You will have the opportunity to share how you feel and learn techniques to process past losses and deal with the transition you are experiencing now.  The atmosphere is relaxed and caring. The seminar is led by the gerontologist and thanatologist Ligia M. Houben, MA, FT, CGC, CPC.

Ligia has worked extensively with the older population and has a special care for them.  Additionally, Ligia takes care of her 99-year-old beloved mother and the needs of older adults are very close to her heart.  If you have an elder parent who needs to attend, please bring them.

Based on The 11 Principles of Transformation, Ligia, who has specialized in grief, will help you change your suffering into honoring, your pain into empowerment, your frustration, into success. This powerful seminar has helped thousands of people transform their loss and transform their lives. It offers a step by step program that helps you embrace life after a loss. The seminar is a 12-week program, led by a grief expert. The seminar is limited to a small group. Participants are asked to commit to all 12 weeks – Saturdays, 2:00pm-3: 30 pm (no session scheduled on May 25)

With generous grant sponsorship, The Alliance for Aging is able to offer this seminar at no cost (normally $397/participant).

Registration is required. Upon registration, you will be given complete address information.