Find Happiness Within Your Self

Join Carlo Monsanto Chunderbalsingh, PhD Hon.C. at The Center for Transforming Lives for a special 1-day seminar.

When: Saturday, April 20th 10am-5pm. 1-hour lunch on your own. 

  • Ancient and recent discoveries empower

  • Access your ability to internally resolve discomforts

  • Develop EI through the Language of Emotions

  • Expand your social intelligence and social skills

  • Enhance your emotional well-being for inner joy

  • Improve relationships and meet like-minded people

  • Feel empowered to pay forward what you’ve learned.

You can enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing with Carlo Monsanto Chunderbalsingh, PhD Hon.C.

Carlo Monsanto has a BA in Health Science, an MS in Ayurvedic Science (consciousness of psychophysiology), and an honorary doctorate for his pioneering work. In the last two decades, he has conducted transdisciplinary research, trained facilitators, offered continuing education, and founded and served on the board of various organizations in Europe, the Caribbean, and the USA. He is the founder and director of IOLEE ECOSYSTEM INC. in New York State, an educational ecosystem that envisions creating the inner conditions for wellbeing. He manages an international team of researchers, scholars, and technologists in the USA, Netherlands, Colombia, and India. He is passionate about designing practices, services, and systems that are based on ancient and modern scientific practices, which can empower individuals to create a better world to live in.


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