Discovering Our Spiritual Essence.

Discovering Our Spiritual Essence.


March 27, 2024    
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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The “Discovering Our Spiritual Essence” webinar is a profound journey into the heart of spirituality, designed to help participants explore and connect with their deepest spiritual selves. This enlightening session, guided by meditation instructor Ligia M. Houben, offers insights into various spiritual traditions and practices, enabling individuals to uncover and embrace their unique spiritual essence. Attendees will engage in meditation, mindfulness exercises, and reflective discussions to foster a deeper understanding of their inner worlds and the interconnectedness of all life. Ideal for seekers at any stage of their spiritual journey, this webinar promises an atmosphere of acceptance and exploration, encouraging personal growth, peace, and a more meaningful connection with the universe.

Remember, it’s FREE!

I hope you join us. It is a safe and loving space.

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Presented by Ligia M. Houben, MA, FT, FAAGC, CPC, CHT, who is the founder of My Meaningful Life, LLC and The Center for Transforming Lives in Miami, FL, where she consults with individuals and families.

The Alliance for Aging sponsors this program. This organization offers a variety of programs and services that enhance the quality of life for residents of Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. We advocate, plan, coordinate, develop, and deliver services for adults aged 60+, adults aged 18+ with disabilities, and family caregivers.