Children and Grief Seminar

As a thanatologist and having lost my father when I was 12-years-old, I know the importance of understanding how children experience grief.  Children are not “small” adults…therefore the way they experience and express grief is different.

As you know we all experience grief, however, it is a topic we seldom talk about.  In this 3-hour talk, we will explore different types of losses children may experience, focusing on the loss of a loved one.

Children need to be heard and understood. It is more than sending them to counseling. You need to understand the process to be able to help them at home or in the classroom.

Join us for this insightful seminar. Let your friends, teachers, and family members know. It is about time we give our children the right to grieve, express, and connect with their emotions.

RSVP by JULY 12th  is needed. Space is limited

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