Coping with Loss During the Holidays

Although the Holidays are special days filled with joy, celebrations, and shared times, for some people the Holidays symbolize a time of nostalgic memories, losses, and remembrance. These feelings of loss may bring grief to our souls that at times cannot be expressed or shared with others, especially when one is supposed to be cheerful and happy.

If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one the Holidays may bring a sensation of emptiness as we miss the person who, physically, is no longer with us.

Even though we may not feel like celebrating, we can still remember our loved one in a meaningful manner, and a beautiful way to do this is creating rituals. We can create rituals to keep their memories alive in our hearts.

These rituals can be individual, with the family, or both. The advantage of creating a family ritual is that you can do it at the time you get together for dinner, and want to honor your loved one.

These are examples of some rituals you can do:

Lighting a candle in remembrance as you gather with your family
Sharing special memories
Place a chest in the living room where your family and friends can place a thank-you note honoring the memory of your loved one
Start a new tradition
Cooking something your loved one liked

Always remember that, although the Holidays may be challenging times, it is also an opportunity to share time with special people in your life.
Pay attention to your needs and communicate with others.
Find ways to nourish your spiritual dimension and know that your loved will always live in your heart.

From my heart to yours,

Ligia M. Houben