Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Because of her personal story, hypnotherapy has a special place in Ligia’s practice.

“I was introduced to the healing power of hypnosis 28 years ago through a process called age regression, which helped me heal the loss of my father. My father died when I was 12 years old, and this produced a huge void in me. For many years, I would think about his funeral and would feel a great amount of pain and grief. It was until I experienced an age regression, a process that helps the person recall a past event and experience the emotions involved with it, that I was able to let go of this painful memory and find resolution. This experience was so healing, that I made the commitment to learn it, so I could help others, with their own process. There are many techniques in hypnosis, and it helps with different issues. Still, what inspired me to become a certified hypnotherapist, was my personal experience with loss.”

Ligia Houben

Hypnosis is a pleasant state where you find yourself to be receptive to ideas and beliefs which are beneficial to your expected outcome. In hypnosis, you are in a very deep state of relaxation. You are aware of your surroundings and are totally in control.

Ligia is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). She is also a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists.

From stress management, to insomnia, to healing grief, hypnotherapy has proven to be an effective technique to achieve the results you want. Our subconscious mind is powerful, and hypnosis allows you to use it and resolve any challenge you may be experiencing in your life. Other areas were hypnosis has proven to be useful are:

Relaxation and Inner Peace
Weight management
Motivation and Focusing
Smoking Cessation

Ligia has specialized in the techniques of Age Regression, Parts therapy, and Transpersonal Hypnosis.

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Ligia M. Houben is a former speaker for PESI.
She presented her seminar, "Transforming Grief and Loss" in more than 100 cities.