Mindfulness: From East to West @ The Center for Transforming LIves
Apr 21 @ 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Mindfulness:  From East to West @ The Center for Transforming LIves | South Miami | Florida | United States
  • Mindfulness: From East to West

If you are like me, you live in a world of distraction.  Multiple things have the potential of distracting us from what we intend to do.  For example, you may be one of those people who log into the internet with the intention to look for something that would take few minutes, and then go back to what you were doing. However, what may happen?  You start clicking on ads you see, articles, or images, and instead of being on the internet for 15 minutes, you stayed for an hour! This action distracted you from what was important and took precious time from your work; your family; your life.   It is because of all these distractions that people are getting more and more into being present with their lives.  Into being mindful.

However, mindfulness didn’t start just few decades ago…it actually started with the Buddha!

Ligia M. Houben , MA, FT, CGC, CPC, ChT, has a Masters Degree in Religious Studies and taught World Religions for 9 years in Miami Dade College. One of her favorite religions to teach with Buddhism!

Susan D’Agostino is a Registered Nurse with more than 30 years of experience, who is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor.  She teaches how to utilize meditation and mindfulness meditation practice in your daily life to improve over health and well-being.

Buddha says “I teach stress and the ending of stress”

You will learn how to recognize the existence of stress, its causes and how to let go of them through mindfulness meditation.  Mindfulness-of-breathing is an ancient technique to relieve suffering and stress.

You will also learn other simple techniques of mindfulness and how to incorporate them in your daily life in order to live a healthy, happy, peaceful and compassionate life.

We hope you join us in this journey from East to West.