11 Principles to Transform Grief and Loss @ The Center for Transforming Lives
Apr 10 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
11 Principles to Transform Grief and Loss @ The Center for Transforming Lives

Strategies to Heal the Past, Change the Present and Transform the Future.

TIME 7-9:30pm


APRIL: 10, 1, 24

MAY: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

If you are experiencing a loss in your life, you may feel alone. You may find yourself on a rollercoaster of emotions, experiencing pain, anger, fear, anxiety or hopelessness. You are grieving… Your life has changed because when there is a loss, there is always change. Still, inside of you, there are powerful resources that can help you transform that loss and transform your life. If you lost a loved one, you can change your suffering into honoring. If you are facing a divorce, you can change your pain into empowerment. If you lost your job, you can change your frustration into success. This powerful seminar has helped thousands of people transform their loss and transform their lives. It offers a step by step program that helps you embrace life after a loss.

Ligia Houben, grief expert, will share with you tools that can help you find meaning, achieve breakthroughs, and build the life you want on the other side of loss or transition. She will show you a roadmap that can help you find peace, healing and, recovery. Ligia has put her life’s work into developing the 11 Principles of Transformation®, which is a unique system that will help you bounce back after a loss.

We finish each day with a guided meditation.

Registration is necessary by April 8th, 2019.


“Ligia’s workshop on transforming grief was exquisite. From the moment we began, she engaged everyone gently and artfully in sharing our own experiences with loss of all kinds. She made our sharing safe by first sharing her own story of the loss of her father. Her warmth and compassion, combined with her depth of experience and knowledge, allowed her to respond to each participant beautifully and to use each human story as a building block to understanding her 11 principles of transforming grief and loss. Often, I find that CEU workshops are dry and devoid of connection. The information may be fantastic, but the process isn’t. Not true at all with Ligia’s workshop. I learned an enormous amount that will help me professionally and personally. And, I enjoyed the warmth and connection that Ligia created amongst all of us. Ligia is truly a fantastic person and presenter. It was a great privilege to attend her workshop. “ -Candace Blase, Art Therapist

“I recently attended Ligia Houben’s one-day seminar: “Transforming Grief and Loss.” It was absolutely amazing! Not only was it tremendously insightful, it gave me the practical tools that I needed to approach my work as a Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor much more effectively. I have attended many seminars before that have helped me. However, Ligia’s training, instructing, and approach was powerful and tops them all! It was engaging, lively, practical and heartwarming. I walked away better equipped to make a difference in the lives of others, while at the same time I experienced some of my own healing from my personal journey with grief! Thank you Ligia, you are an amazing person and teacher!” -Chaplain David Guerrero, M.Div, BCC, Bereavement Counselor

The Case of Christ Movie Night @ The Center for Transforming Lives
Aug 1 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Case of Christ Movie Night @ The Center for Transforming Lives

Join us in this intimate event where we will watch the movie The Case of Christ, and have a discussion afterward.

The movie is from 2017 and has been highly recommended to me to show it for discussion.

This is the description of this movie directed by Jon Gunn:

“In 1980, Lee Strobel’s (Mike Vogel) award-winning, investigative reporting earns him a promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. Things at home aren’t going nearly as well. His wife Leslie’s (Erika Christensen) newfound faith in Christ compels Lee to utilize his journalistic and legal training to try and disprove the claims of Christianity, pitting his resolute atheism against her growing faith.”

This is a free event.  If you want to contribute, the suggested donation of $10.00.

Limited space. Please RSVP by July 30th. Thank you!

If you have any question you can send me an email: or text me 305-299-5370. Thank you!

Let Go of Fear and Be Happier @ The Center for Transforming Lives
Aug 15 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Let Go of Fear and Be Happier @ The Center for Transforming Lives | South Miami | Florida | United States

Last day to register is August 14th

Do you feel something is paralyzing you in your life?

Do you want to let go of fear?  Do you experience anxiety?  Are you creating the life you want or are allowing circumstances to mold your life, because of your fear to take action?

Most of us face situations where we may have fear or we may not act because we are paralyzed. It’s been said “fear paralyzes” and it may happen to us when we are going through a change, when we are facing a new situation, or when we need to make important decisions.

Too many people postpone living out of fear.  We may choose to stay in a situation, in a relationship, or in a place of work, because of fear. We may choose to stay in what is familiar to us, instead of taking risks and see what happens.  We say we are happy the way we are, or at least, satisfied. We promise ourselves that one day we will have the courage to make those changes. We tell those around us, “not now, I still have time.”  However, deep inside of us, there is a pressing thought, “What if I do not have time?”  All of a sudden, and before we realize it, time has slipped through our fingers; and those dreams, projects, and contributions to the world we wanted to do have just stayed in plans.  We look back and wonder:  What did I do with my life?

Thinking about this reality can help you evaluate your life NOW, and give more meaning and purpose to your life.  Today is the perfect time when you can ask yourself: Am I living the life I want?

Is fear stopping me from becoming who I really want to be? Am I limiting myself out of fear?

The greatest limitations are the ones we have in our minds.

Now is the time when you can make the decision: either to remain locked behind a door of doubts and fears or to open it to new possibilities and be happier.