Meditación Guiada con Ligia @ The Center for Transforming Lives
Sep 17 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Meditación Guiada  con Ligia @ The Center for Transforming Lives

Meditación Guiada y Conciencia Plena sobre el agradecimiento.

Tomate una hora de tu día y conecta con tu dimensión espiritual. Acoge a tu ser interno y vive con más paz dentro de tu alma.
Se han comprobado ampliamente los beneficio de adquirir la practica de meditacion, ya que ayuda con símpomas tales como:





• pensamientos catastróficos
• irritabilidad

• falta de concentración

• falta de enfoque

• presión alta

• hiperactividad

• irritabilidad

• ataques de pánico

• miedo

Esta clase comienza con una serie de respiraciones. Luego seguimos con una meditación guiada integrando conciencia plena, terminando con una reflexión y tiempo para compartir.

Esta clase es conducida por Ligia M. Houben fundadora del Center for Transforming Lives in Miami, Fl y quien, al ser entrenada como hipnoterapeuta, te guiará a adquirir profundos estados de relajación. Si deseas conocer más sobre Ligia, visita su página web
Ligia posee una maestría en estudios religiosos y por 9 años impartió clases sobre religiones del mundo en Miami Dade College.

Espacio limitado. Reservación es necesaria.


Transforming Grief and Loss Seminar/Coaching Group @ The Center for Transforming Lives
Sep 18 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Transforming Grief and Loss Seminar/Coaching Group @ The Center for Transforming Lives
  • 8 Week Seminar/Coaching Group From September 18  to November 6, 2019
  • Strategies to Heal the Past, Change the Present and Transform the Future

If you are experiencing a loss in your life, you may feel alone. You may find yourself on a roller-coaster of emotions, experiencing pain, anger, fear, anxiety or hopelessness. You are grieving… Your life has changed because when there is a loss, there is always change. Still, inside of you, there are powerful resources that can help you transform that loss and transform your life.

If you lost a loved one, you can change your suffering into honoring.
If you are facing a divorce, you can change your pain into empowerment.
If you lost your job, you can change your frustration into success.

In this seminar that also has a coaching group format, we will be exploring different ways to help you feel empowered through loss with the system of The 11 Principles of Transformation.  This system has helped thousands of people transform their loss and transform their lives. It offers a step by step guide that helps you embrace life after a loss.
I will share with you tools that can help you find meaning, achieve breakthroughs, and build the life you want on the other side of loss or transition. I will show you a road-map that can help you find peace, healing and, recovery. My mission in life is to help people with the 11 Principles of Transformation®, which is the system I created to help you bounce back after a loss and find meaning and purpose. The principles were included in the self-help book Transform Your Loss.  Your Guide to Strength and Hope which is included in this seminar.

On July 2nd we finished our 8-week program.

These are some of the beautiful comments people wrote on the evaluations:

  • Ligia provided us with not only information but strategies that lead to the development of skills that will set me through the rest of my days. 
  • This has been the experience of a lifetime.  Ligia truly loves her profession. No one has touched my heart as she has.
  • Ligia was excellent. Extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring.  I started this seminar in a not so favorable mindset and I am leaving the seminar in a very favorable mindset and ready to tackle my life with the skills that Ligia has taught me. 
  • Amazing experience!  Wonderful people coming together to cope with grief.  The seminar was informative, peaceful, safe, confidential and Ligia provided a warm and loving atmosphere. 
  • Honestly, Ligia rates a “10” out of 5 in every single category.  Before this workshop, I tried different types of support groups that never made me feel better or fulfilled.  After the 1st session with Ligia, I found myself wanting to come back week after week.  
  • This seminar impacted my life greatly.  I have searched for something like this for so long and I could not be happier to have finally found it.
  • This seminar is life-changing!  With practice, I am confident that I will improve the quality of my life. 
  • Ligia is a wonderful facilitator, wonderful human being and compassionate.  Please continue providing this training to more people. 
  • Great classes. Wonderful teacher. 
  • This has been instrumental for me.  I look forward to having friends/family come to future workshops.
  • Ligia is a well-skilled professional, she did an amazing job in helping get through my loss. 
  • I would also like to say that I have gotten more help out of this seminar that I have in the last couple of years of counseling I am still going to.

Contact Ligia M. Houben for more information: 305-666-9942/305-299-5370  or


Deja ir el miedo y sé feliz! @ The Center for Transforming Lives
Sep 19 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Deja ir el miedo y sé feliz! @ The Center for Transforming Lives

¿Tienes miedo a los cambios?

¿Estás paralizado cuando te enfrentas a desafíos?

¿Tienes miedo de tomar la decisión equivocada?

Si tu respuesta es sí a cualquiera de estas preguntas,  ¡este taller es para ti!


  1. Aprende a llamar a tus temores por sus nombres
  2. Aplicar técnicas de empoderamiento cuando te enfrentas a tus miedos
  3. Aprender herramientas para superar tus miedos
  4. Aprende a decir en vez de “No puedo” “Si puedo!”

Utilizaremos técnicas de Programación Neuro-Lingüística (PNL) y Terapia de Comportamiento Cognitivo (TCC).

Terminamos con una meditación guiada sobre dejando ir el miedo.

* Espacio limitado. RSVP necesario. El registro se cierra el 16 de septiembre.