Live this Year Mindfully


In the last message of 2014, I suggested taking a break and reflect on how you could live this year better than last one.

Now, as we reach the End of March 2015, I invite you to examine how you started the year. Have you planned how you want this year to be? Have you taken the first step toward having a positive change in your life? Have you decided that this year, instead of being, “just another year”, to be a year with meaning?

If you have not taken the time to do it yet … you still can! Like me, you have 11 more months to make it happen. It may be that you are facing a difficult situation, a challenge, or a loss, that have prevented you from planning your year.
If this is the case, I understand you, because I know what it’s like to face challenges or grieve. On January 30, is the anniversary of the accident that could have ended my life. It has been a strong year. However, I stand where I am now, because of my faith and the power of my thoughts.

For this reason, I suggest that you pay attention to your thoughts. What if your thoughts are limiting you? Yes…. your thoughts!
If you read my previous newsletters, you probably know that I firmly believe in the power of our mind; in the power of our thoughts; in the power of our attitude.
When something is not happening in our lives, it’s easy to blame someone else or the circumstances,. The best we can do is take responsibility for our actions, let go of limitations, and start acting now.

One of the best ways we can live this year is to live mindfully.
What do I mean to live it mindfully?
To be present in our lives, to live fully, and pay attention to our actions, emotions, and thoughts.

It is to discover our potential to become better people and to pay attention to our inner self. You realize that sometimes we get carried away by the external, without using tools to live finally as we wish. Let’s do not be the result of a negative, fearful, or frustrated attitude. Les embrace in our heart the power of faith, of enthusiasm, of courage, or empowerment.
Do not be one of those people who live to complain about their lives, and will probably reach the end of 2015 saying they didn’t get what they wanted this year. Or worse, ignore what they wanted to do, blaming their bad luck.

There is no greater fallacy than blame our luck. The motto of my father, Julio C. Martinez, which I carry in my soul, was: “Success is hard work disguised as a good luck”.
So let’s work hard. Let’s work hard to be good people; to be people filled with love and joy and to be professionals with high ethics and values. Above all, let’s work to be people with faith and the necessary awareness to make this world a better place. It all starts with us.


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