Is It Possible to Master Fear?

A few days ago as I was driving and listening to NPR, as I usually do, I heard an amazing interview on the program Fresh Air with Terry Gross. The interview was with Jordan Peele, director of the film Get Out, which is a horror movie. As Terry asked him how he got inspired to write and direct this film, Peele shared his story. He said that as a child he was extremely scared of horror movies and felt that to cope with his fear he had to “shift his mind.” He chose to be empowered instead of being a victim.  Peele was able to master his fear to the point of creating what he feared the most.

I found this story incredibly powerful and inspiring because many times we allow fear to control us, instead of shifting the perspective.  Now, what is a fear that you are experiencing in your life that you have not confronted yet?  What type of fear are you avoiding to face? Do you think that running away from your fear will make it go away?

Things do not disappear just because we do not think about them or we do not expose ourselves to experiences where we feel scared.  Do you want to live your life feeling like this? Do you want to live your life in terror, which is just expecting something bad to happen, or do you want to feel free?

If you could foresee the future and imagine yourself without fear, how would your life look life?

So let’s do this exercise.  Close your eyes and think about something you feel extremely fearful.  Now, imagine a year from and see yourself free from that fear and feeling immensely liberated.  See yourself doing the things that you want to do without the fear.  How is the quality of your life? Is the quality of your life better without fear?  If that is the case, what is stopping you? Make the decision now, let go of your fear now, confront if so then you can overcome it and even more…you can transform it.

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You will see how your life will change the second you decide to let go of the fear and embrace freedom and happiness!

Remember, your life has meaning!

Ligia M. Houben

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